Apple's Cook collects nearly $90M in vested RSUs on strong stock performance



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    Rayz2016 said:
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    sog35 said:
    Well deserved Tim.

    My investment account thanks you.

    For some background;  Originally these stock options were guaranteed to Cook.  But Cook decided to change the agreement to only allow the stocks to vest if he beats industry averages.
    How the times have changed: post # 13
    "But still Tim Cook got totally played by Ichan. He convinced Apple to do the buyback. Apple bought back $115 billion in shares and it did NOTHING to help its valuation. Ichan sells his shares for hundreds of millions in profits. Apple is stuck with $115 billion less in cash and $60 billion in debt.

    Personally I'm sick of this mismanagement in capital by Tim Cook.

    For wasting $115 billion alone he needs to be fired." post # 140
    "Yup. Panos is young. He has something to prove. He has a legacy to build. He's excited and has passion.

    On the other hand Cook is fat and satisfied. No passion. No fire. No excitement.

    Apple really needs to inject some new blood. Cook/Ive/ect are old and lazy and not willing to take risks. They already have it made, all worth over $100 million each.

    I want a young CEO who is hungry. " post # 23
    "Well then Cook should hire someone who knows how to articulate with Wall Street an investors the vision of Apple.

    He has NOT hired anyone and instead has tried to articulate the vision himself.  He has FAILED.  Wall Street and investors still view Apple as simply a hardware company.  Apple is a lifestyle and ecosystem company. Yet Wall Street does not think so.  That's Tim Cooks fault.

    Either Cook needs to hire someone who can articulate this vision or he must step down."
    Impressive, but can you find a post where he mans the f**k up and admits he was wrong?

    The stuff I posted was easy to find. Plenty of material available. As for finding where he admits being wrong, that's a needle in the haystack. I do remember reading something like that but I would be hard pressed to find it among Sog35's many postings. I'd have to charge some lawyer-like $475 per hour discovery fee if you really wanted it. I would estimate it would take around six hours. Where should I send the invoice?
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