Apple iPhone 8, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K preorders go live [u]



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    Those who ordered and will get their 8/plus on 22nd, please share your impression. I am curious how much they improved the camera and how the new glass case feels at hand (eg. is it slippery, harder or easier to scratch, etc)
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    I'm glad all the peasants could purchase their phones this morning while the nobility can purchase in October  :)
    Didn't you get obliterated in the stock market by incorrectly trying to "predict" AAPL a while back? Isn't that what caused your breakdown that everyone here is always talking about? If you're living in a low rent apartment and driving a 1998 Saturn I'm not sure having an iPhone X vaults you into "nobility" status. You do realize that the extra couple of hundred dollars more it costs is merely what some of us spend on coffee, right? And you also realize that tens of millions of people will have an iPhone X so it's kind of the opposite of exclusive? I honestly would love to watch you parade around in a public place with your new iPhone X acting like it makes you something more than you are. The shine of having an iPhone is a thing of the past. When I had my first one in 2008 I was the only person I knew that had one, now literally every single person I'm related to, every single friend I have, and every single co-worker of mine has one (or it's "equivalent" Samsung knockoff). A smartphone is a commodity item now, even the iPhone X. 

    I am getting an iPhone 8 because I like it better than the iPhone X. Even if they cost the same I would still get an iPhone 8. I'll use Ferrari as an analogy: The LaFerrari is an amazing car and the pinnacle of what Ferrari can accomplish, but I would still rather have the 812 Superfast or the 488 GTB because I think they are better cars. Better looking cars and better driving experiences, the most expensive isn't necessarily the best option. 
    I must have touched a nerve.....

    I was joking but regardless.

    I didn't lose any money when Apple didn't reach $150 like I predicted. In fact I benefited from buying more shares when the price went down!  

    Having an iPhone X is special.  Not because I can show it off to people. But because I know its literally THE BEST PHONE YOU CAN BUY ON THE PLANET. How many goods costing $1000 can say that? Not many.

    The X is literally the Ferrari or Rolls Royce of phones.

    The 8 is a nice phone. Like a BMW. But the 8 screen is just too small coming from a 6+.  And I find the 6+/8+ form factor to be too big.  It will be nice to have a phone with a large screen that does not overtake my entire pocket.
    You didn't touch a nerve at all, I just love the classic iPhone look, feel, and functionality and prefer it to the X. By a lot. I don't love the idea of the dock being at the bottom of the phone, it would feel weird to put your thumb all the way down because it's kind of awkward. I don't love the notch or the rounded corners for looking at photos or videos. To look at content framed properly the X needs to put black bars on the left and right when oriented in horizon and then the difference in size of the screen to the 8 is pretty negligible. 1.5 to 1 pictures and 16x9 video might even be virtually identical in size on the screens because the width of the screen in portrait is so close. I don't love FaceID, I think it's cool but I certainly prefer pulling my iPhone out of my pocket with my thumb on the home button and its unlocked before I'm even looking at it. The X is a pretty amazing iPhone and I'm glad that Apple is pushing the boundaries of what is possible, but it feels a little bit like trying to reinvent the wheel. Plenty of things push boundaries and try to be more futuristic and modern but eventually end up at the classic iteration. I don't doubt that Apple will always be pushing the iPhone towards the future, but I'm also confident they'll always have a classic type iPhone as well. I'm glad you were genuinely joking because it just came off really obnoxious, I am genuinely apologizing for being equally obnoxious. 
    I don't understand unlocking your phone in your pocket....

    Aren't you going to look at the phone anyway? weird.
    Because I'm grabbing it from my pocket my thumb is on the home button anyway, it unlocks before I even set eyes on the screen because Touch ID works so fast. It's ready to go with zero delay. Now do I think taking a few seconds to look at the iPhone X and then swipe up is a waste of time? No, it's only a few seconds, not really a problem. But I'm used to it being zero seconds and I'm not terribly inclined to want to go backwards in unlocking speed. 
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