Apple's Tim Cook says tech doesn't yet exist to do AR glasses properly, downplays rivals



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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 4,790member

    Interesting, I don't see Apple scared very much.  Suspicious that he did this just prior to the Oculus announcement.
    Oculus is still a view-obscuring and very confining piece of VR hardware. They're like wearing a scuba mask. Supposedly what Cook would ideally like to see would be AR glasses that are indistinguishable from regular glasses, other than the Apple logo.

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    Rayz2016 said:

    The Apple of my eye.
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    palegolaspalegolas Posts: 1,289member
    I think that when Apple can get AR glasses to look like regular glasses that you can wear in any situation, without looking like Cyclops, that's when they'll be moving forward and create their actual product. Until then, I think they'll have plenty(ish) of time to refine the AR software and sensors. But the glasses themselves have to have some miraculously thin and invisible nano lens light field display something, and not obscure the whole head/ face like a visor. Apple definitely has their eyes set on everyday consumers, rather than the special application Hololens and others.
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    maestro64maestro64 Posts: 4,682member
    Interesting, I don't see Apple scared very much.  Suspicious that he did this just prior to the Oculus announcement.
    Oh yes Apple is so scared, with the announcement of a viewer made by facebook, witch is struggling to sell a million units.

    They struggle to sell a million since there are not that many geeks out their willing to fork over money for this kind of tech.
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    JWSCJWSC Posts: 553member
    suddenly newton said:
    Extra buttons is how an engineer solves a design problem.

    It is astonishing that in this day and age most consumer electronics companies still produce remotes with umpteen buttons.  For whatever reason they’re terrified of doing user I/O in software.  It’s so stupid I cannot quote wrap my head around it.  Show of hands - how many out there use all those buttons?  Is it 1% of 1%?

    Ultimately these dinosaurs will be forced to change their ways or be driven out of business.  And good riddance.

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