Google testing multi-account access for Gmail in iOS

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Google is testing out a new Gmail feature that allows users to access third-party email accounts from its iOS app, putting the title in direct competition with other multi-account email titles including Apple's own Mail.

Announced through a post to the official Gmail Twitter account on Tuesday, the new feature would bring Google's iOS client in line with the company's Android offering.

On Android, supporting multiple accounts makes sense as Gmail is the mobile operating system's default email service. Akin to Mail on iOS, Gmail serves as Google's go-to email app for sending, receiving and managing messages.

For now, the feature remains firmly in the testing phase, though Google is opening the beta to anyone with a Gmail account to evaluate the service.

Those interested can sign up by filling out a form through a dedicated beta webpage. Prerequisites for entry into the program include current status as a Gmail user, ownership of a non-Gmail email account (which should be everyone with an iOS device) and iOS 10 or later.

Google is using Apple's TestFlight app and backend to run its new multi-account access beta feature, suggesting a new version of the Gmail app is required for integration.

Gmail is a free download from the iOS App Store.


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    Right after Win Butler (Arcade Fire) gave an interview to promote "Everything Now", in which he criticized GMail for reading all correspondence and using it to shape which ads you see online and offline, Google announced it would soon stop doing that. If they keep moving in that direction it will almost be worth using their apps and services.
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    No support for MS Exchange or Office365 email. Deal breaker, sadly.
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    I put up with GMail app because that way I can avoid all the spam alerts and still search through everything (inbox view is nice too). I'm not sure I'd use it for all my other interfaces. For those who want MS Exchange support, be careful what you ask for - do you really want to send your workplace's mail to Google for "analysis"?
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    No su
    r00fus1 said:
    For those who want MS Exchange support, be careful what you ask for - do you really want to send your workplace's mail to Google for "analysis"?
    I have no trouble or concern for having a mail-client have 'access' to my Office365 Traffic. Virtually any third-party multi-account mail app can do it now anyway. Blue Mail... Apple Mail.. many can interface with it and never had any problem doing so. If I was ever worried or concerned I would simply leave those accounts out of the client settings. Google not supporting it makes me have to keep at least two full email clients on the phone to do the same thing. I'll just stick with MS' Outlook Mail App. It can handle all those various accounts (Including their own MS Exchange) now.
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