Google blocks YouTube from Amazon devices as business conflict escalates



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    tbsteph said:
    So much for net neutrality :)
    Google operates their own network and pays for peering with the ISPs they wanted regulated.  Net neutrality didn’t apply to them.  Same goes for Facebook and other “free” services.  

    Edit: I wonder how Google, Facebook, Twitter and others would have felt about Content Neutrality regulated by the FCC.
    Facebook is rolling out huge fibre infrastructure. They recently started laying a massive cable off the coast of Spain. IIRC it was to connect to the US. On the Spanish side they have an agreement with a major Spanish ISP. It looks like they are ensuring their voice will be heard when it comes to guaranteeing content delivery.

    EDIT: Microsoft is onboard too.
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    You can't be bothered to update your article from yesterday in light of the fact that the Prime Video app for TVOS came out today?  
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