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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 4,634administrator
    zroger73 said:
    thrang said:
    I checked this morning and there is still no 5.1 audio for The Grand Tour - I do have automatic app updates enabled, so I presume I have the latest version of the app...
    Must have updated since 12/22. It's 12/29 and I'm sitting here watching The Grand Tour and listening in 5.1 while I type this.
    Grand Tour is UHD. It had 5.1 from the last update.
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    I have 5.1 on Apple TV Gen 4, but just because a movie icons shows it should have 5.1 doesn’t mean it will. Robin Hood (with Russel Crow) has working 5.1 but Deep Impact does not. Both show they should. Lots more doesn’t have it, most actually.

    And for some strange reason, the only place where the 5.1 icon appears seems to be when navigating to Movies -> Genres -> and then picking for instance Action Adventure. But when opening the movie for more details and to play it there is no information on sound spec. 

    So in conclusion. Most places don’t show if a movie has 5.1 surround sound or not. And where it does show the information is false most of the time.
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