Advanced TrueDepth camera, Face ID "major drivers" of iPhone X user satisfaction



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    Bacillus3 said:
    A limited survey probably made under a few customers that need to justify their purchase. With solutions for issues that didn't exist or were made up by Apple themselves. Clever marketing - but for me it is just too much hype only to get rid of a few bezels (that is, hardly...) Hopefully animojis bring customers in higher atmospheres to distract them from the intolerable design issues remaining (shatter prone glass housing, limited battery, protruding camera) 2018: Time to switch to a manufacturer that gets it right instead of those throttlers from Cupertino - mimicking the Steve that once was
    Please go take your silly rant somewhere else. The ridiculous statement about “too much hype only to get rid of a few bezels” is just plain stupid. With a superior screen, in roughly the same screen area of a Plus model, giving you a smaller width device, this phone is much more comfortable to hold and use. Your other comments are equally stupid. A “limited battery”? Really? You have no clue what you are talking about.
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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,871member
    Still very happy with my iPhone SE 32GB!
    Big Effin deal! WTF does this have to do with the article?
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    tango81 said:
    I don’t own an X, I have used one first hand.
    I set two up for close relatives. 
    The positives:

    the OLED screen
    the OLED screen
    the OLED screen!!

    The negatives:
    TouchID (2nd gen) is faster
    TouchID is one step to unlock
    Notch blocks video, super annoying for me who enjoying watching videos in landscape
    Scroll bar blocked in landscape. Super annoying for me who surfs the web. 
    Aspect ratio is all wrong. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus can be used in full screen to watch video. 

    For £1,000, that’s too many compromises. Hopefully next year the iPhone 9 should eliminate many if not all of these. 

    So you don't own an iPhone X but somehow you now that Touch ID is better and faster? Oh've used one for a whole 60 seconds and made all of these conclusions. 

    TouchID isn't always quick either. There are more than enough times where it fails to recognize my finger print. Its not always fast for this reason alone. Its not a perfect system and honestly, nothing is and never will be. There are too many variables for a perfect system. 

    The notch doesn't block video and if you actually owned an iPhone X you'd know this. 

    You're just pulling bullshit out of your ass with nothing to back it up. 
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