As Apple's HomePod misses Christmas, Amazon Alexa tops App Store charts for first time



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    I couldn’t wait-I ordered the Amazon Echo Spot. I will likely still buy the HomePod whenever Apple releases it, but the rave reviews from friends and colleagues about the Echo devices was enough for me to make the purchase. 
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    I love Apple products, I’ve got the 8+, Apple Watch series 2 & iPad, but unless they sort Siri out I won’t be buying a Home Pod, when first released it was a great gimmick but just just hasn’t been consistently updated and improved. 
    I’ve had the 1st gen Echo and the response and response and accuracy puts Siri to shame. My 8+ when on charge at night doesn’t respond and most of the time Siri seems to stumble and gets the information wrong. 
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    Soli said:
    Other than remembering to say "hey siri" instead of "alexa" (which is not a trivial thing to remember)
    I can't think of anything more trivial in technology to remember. Humans have clearly evolved to understand that different people have different names as it's a cornerstone to civilization. Hell, it's in the same vein as categorizing and labeling every goddamn thing in existence.

    I guess if one of those people that write I-Phone a decade or you're Guy Pearce from Memento then it might be tough, but for the typical person it's simple as fuck.
    Alexa and Google Home are pretty undifferentiated.  As a result, we've found it hard to remember that in the kitchen it's "hey google" and upstairs in each bedroom it is "alexa".  But if you've had no problem using the right signal word, that's great for you.  But we've been living with both for more than a year and still get it wrong all the time.  Thus, from experience, I can write that it is not a trivial thing to remember a new signal word.

    Perhaps with HomePod there won't be this issue but I can imagine that, once it is released, we still say "alexa" or "hey google" rather than siri for at least a while in the kitchen (where it will replace google home - which is terrible).
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