Targus shows off new Thunderbolt 3 docking station with 85W, support for 4K at 60Hz

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Thunderbolt 3 docks may have been slow to roll out but the market is picking up pace now, with Targus throwing their hat in the ring with a new offering aimed at multi-platform users.

The DOCK220USZ packs more ports than letters in its model number. Twin USB-C outlets are paired with a full-sized DisplayPort, two USB 3.0 type A ports, audio in and out, and one Gigabit Ethernet port.

Targus's new dock is capable of driving two 4K monitors at 60Hz, with one monitor on DisplayPort, and the other with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable plugged into the downstream Thunderbolt 3 port.

Targus says the dock can also provide up to 85W of power to connected devices, suitable for the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The dock is available in Space Gray and the dock itself has a small footprint measuring just 5 inches wide and 3.2 inches deep. Interested buyers can pick up the dock, with model number DOCK220USZ, now for $349.99.


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    It looks pretty nice, but what the hell happened to the arrangement of ports on the back side. I know you usually dont see that, but the misalignment and seemingly random position of the ports is unbearable.
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    That, is without doubt, the worst looking piece of technology that i've ever seen. Can it hang from under your desk, so you don't have to look at it?
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    macxpressmacxpress Posts: 5,137member
    It doesn't have an e-SATA Port... /s
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    emig647emig647 Posts: 2,426member
    $350? Seems a bit high for a Targus product (not that visually appealing either). I'm surprised by the high dollar amount for these docks.
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    Only two USB-A ports, an no card reader... for $350. OWC's dock is a better deal.
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