Stanford students put down their iPhones to protest Apple not doing enough to curb device ...



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    I thought Stanford was supposed to be a good school.   I've never heard anything so ridiculous in my life.   While other activists are busy with gun control (whether you agree or not), sexual harassment and equal treatment of women, the environment, Syria, immigration issues, the plight of working-class people, BLM, etc., these kids are blaming someone else because they're addicted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and apps that enable them to put dog faces on themselves?

    If you're using your phone too much, stop.  Shut it off.  Delete some apps.   It's bad enough when college students want their school to be their Mommy with safe spaces, etc.   Now they want Apple to be their Mommy also?    Grow freaking up.   

    My 14-year-old granddaughter deals with this idiocy with her friends.  Even when they're together, her idiot friends want to do nothing but play on their phones and send texts to each other (while standing NEXT to the person they're sending the text to).  My granddaughter wants to write, play music, create art, go to an exhibition or concert, walk in nature, etc.   

    Now, in the end, if Apple did add a utility that told users how much time they spent on each app, it wouldn't do any harm.   But I also don't believe it would change anyone's behavior.   Besides, it's not how much time you spend on an app, it's what you're doing with it.    What's next:  are they going to picket bars because there's a segment of college students who drink to excess?   Are they going to blame car manufacturers because it's not hard enough to turn over a car or destroy its roof after their team wins (or loses) a championship?   Blame restaurants for making them fat?   Don't want to look at your phone all the time?   Put it an airplane mode.  Leave it at home.   Or...just don't look at it every time it buzzes.    

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    Don't these mellinium Stanford students know that Users of Phones are hooked to Apps, not iPhone. They need to take the offense to a specific Apps. When they can't focus on study, they need to show rebellion action. Question is why target iPhone when Android phones are over 50% of users of phones on earth ? May be they are non STEM students and there math is at elementary school level.
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    Boy Stanford has gone downhill lately.
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    Ironically, the protest stumbled upon the solution to the perceived problem: put the phone down and back slowly away. (Do not turn your back on it! It's dangerously addictively dangerous!)
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    Why is it Apple’s job to curb device addiction? For kids, it’s the parents job. For adults, it’s their own decision. Not really seeing how it’s Apple’s responsibility at all. Should Coke have security in the grocery stores to stop me from being able to buying too much soda?
    Is it there job to stop caffeine addiction? Maybe Chick-fil-A should but a monthly limit of chicken sandwiches since people may become addicted to the fried deliciousness? Idk...just sounds stupid to me and a battle that doesn’t need to be fought. So many other issues that deserve this energy. 
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    LOLAppleInsider said:

    The group suggests Apple could start tracking phone usage and provide reports to users how much time they spend on addictive services. More fine-grained control of app notifications are also requested, along with an option to go into a reduced distraction mode that limits interaction with an iPhone to essential tasks, including calls, texts, and photography.

    Then, another group will come out and complain about privacy.

    No win for Apple. LOL

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    Sometimes, people are dumb because of lacking education. There're other times when educated people are also dumb just like those Stanford students. It's like you ate too much guacamole in the sandwich and shitted nonstop, and then complain that the Togo's shouldn't have sold you the sandwich because you already had 2 that day.

    BtW, admin:
    "Standing outside the store, located on University Avenue, the group Stanford Students Against Addictive Devices (SSAAD) held signs and distributed fliers about the dangers of device addition"
    It's "addiction"
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    ilovemom said:
    Sounds similar like the people blaming the tobacco industry for giving them lung cancer. #itsyourownresponsibility
    Yeah no. The tobacco companies made a concerted effort to hide the known carcinogenic properties of cigarettes just to make a buck. They even hired doctors to say it was good for you.
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,451member
    All these kids have do is:

    1. Disable notifications for Facebook
    2. There is no step 2

    ...done. I never get alerts for dumb crap.
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    mtbnutmtbnut Posts: 198member
    Sell it to Gazelle. Get a Motorola StarTAC. Addiction gone. 
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    macseeker said:
    These Stanford "students" needs to be expelled from Stanford since they're showing that they have very low IQs.

    They are the epitome of the definition of the word Snowflake.

    Their parents have forgotten them a long time ago.
    Just as car is a gateway to listening to music, so too is an iPhone to using social apps. Sure most people do it and it can be argued both listening to music while driving or using social media apps throughout the day is distracting, could be harmful and maybe should be avoided. Where is the outrage against car stereos, why don't these companies step up and take responsibility for the actions they enable!  Really  they should at the very least be emailing me a report so I am aware of how much I am using their product.

    I very much dislike the term "snowflake". It is too often used by people as a label for the implicit purpose of completely disregarding the reasonable positions and concerns of others with conflicting viewpoints from their own. It's not at helpful, you could just say "I'm correct even if any and all evidence contradicts me because ... MAGA!!!". Even so, in this isolated case, the position in not reasonable and even if it is a valid concern it is fully within those who posses that concerns ability to alter their behavior without outside intervention. So yes, snowflake may in fact be the appropriate term here.
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    hexclockhexclock Posts: 1,140member
    I thought kids who went to Stanford were supposed to be smart 
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    macseekermacseeker Posts: 533member
    I can only laugh. You cannot make up this stuff.
    Truth is stranger than fiction.
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member

    All this can be seen as highly complimentary and great oppty for Apple, singling them out as the only tech goliath who might actually care and be able to do something about a wide problem. I hope Apple capitalizes on it, both publicly and more importantly by offering more and better options to winnow incoming data. The fact that it’s into Stanford computer science on campus also makes it worthy of serious attention. If Apple is open and responsive, new talent more likely to choose them over Google, FB, etc.

    Info overload will only going grow more prominent with wearables and ambient computing. Human/Machine interfaces should not stress out the flesh, as individuals or society. We’ve a long way to go.

    FWIW I use my Watch, often in Theatre Mode, as a way to lessen iPhone use. Haptic on watch, for instance, is less irritating than audible or vibrate for incoming calls on phone.

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    gatorguygatorguy Posts: 23,642member
    mtbnut said:
    Sell it to Gazelle. Get a Motorola StarTAC. Addiction gone. 
    TBH I agree that's a great idea...
    IF StarTAC's still worked on any networks. I still have one lying about but last I knew there was no network it could be used with. 
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    The citation of Android market share by prior forum participant is misleading, in my view. Apple commands the majority of premium devices, especially in the United States. It should be on the forefront of this, not Oppo.
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    Finally...somebody gives Apple credit for changing the world. I was getting pretty tired of hearing how Google invented the modern smartphone, and how Apple never truly invented anything.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 3,941member
    Another bunch of severely educated.
    Why oh why won’t the government do something about it? Won’t they think of the children?

    /that’s sarcasm in case you don’t realise.
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    SISAAD to be exact — Stanford INDIAN Student Against..... 
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    roakeroake Posts: 794member
    From the SSAAD phamplet.

    Make your phone less addictive now: (1) watch your phone usage, (2) turn off notifications and (3) turn your display to grayscale to minimize dopamine hits


    I think I’m addicted to life.  Should I wear monochromatic eyeglasses to reduce dopamine hits from that?

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