Apple again said to cut HomePod orders on poor sales performance



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    avon b7 said:

    After a couple of weeks of honeymoon with Siri in your HomePod, you'll get tired of shouting commands to Siri and you'll prefer using the AppleTV Remote.
    Not in my case. The reason for me having a HomePod at all would be to have a device that can play music without requiring a device between the music library and the speaker. Right now I have to fire up the Mac (which is in another room) or pull out my phone to control playback. I want to be able to walk into the kitchen and say "Hey Siri, shuffle the playlist Blues" or "Play me something by Bruno Mars." If it plays something I don't feel like hearing at any given moment, just telling the HomePod to skip is easier than reaching for a device, especially in the kitchen where one's hands may be full and/or covered with ick.

    Using the phone or Mac as a controller is obviously not what one might describe as a hardship, but it's a minor nuisance that the HomePod is specifically designed to overcome. If that feature is not available, the most compelling reason to choose a HomePod over any high-quality Bluetooth speaker is defeated.
    I never understood why AirDrop required BT, Wifi and iCloud to even work at all. That's when it works, of course.

    Bluetooth for proximity, Wi-Fi for file transfers, iCloud to identify you.
    I will never understand why Apple didn't produce its own - flexible - NAS solution to handle backups, cloud access, media serving etc

    Apple Services should co-exist with other services its users might be using and the user should be able to decide, so flexible means supporting Plex Server, .mkvs etc.

    My 2009 Mac mini does all those things.
    QuickTime never fulfilled its consumer potential because of its lack of flexibility.

    Years ago, one of the biggest (and most stupid) obstacles for Mac users was having no HFS support in Windows. Apple should have had a Windows utility to provide support on Windows from the start.

    HomePod in its current state does not appeal to me.

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