Olloclip debuts Connect X lens system for Apple's iPhone X [u]

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Olloclip on Tuesday launched its latest lens clip-on accessory for iPhones, the Connect X system for the iPhone X. [Updated with Olloclip comment on Face ID]


The base kit includes a mount and stand, and fisheye, "super-wide," and 15x macro lenses. "Ultra-wide" and 2x telephoto lenses are sold separately.

The mount doesn't require a special case, and supports the iPhone X's front and rear cameras simultaneously. If people do want a case though it must be Olloclip's specific model, and the mount obscures the phone's TrueDepth camera -- meaning owners will have to log in with a passcode, or only attach the mount after logging in with Face ID.

Users must also shoot without flash, and can't attach any older Olloclip lenses.


The base kit costs $99.99, and is currently being sold through Olloclip's website as well as Amazon. Apple stores will begin offering the product in June. The case is $29.99, and extra lenses are typically $59.99, the exception being the $79.99 2x telephoto.

By default the rear camera on the iPhone X is equipped with wide-angle and 2x telephoto lenses. The front is limited to a single lens, intended for selfies and FaceTime.

Update: A PR representative for Olloclip reached out to AppleInsider to clarify that the TrueDepth camera is only obscured if a front-facing lens is installed.


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    nunzynunzy Posts: 662member
    Is this a review? What is the photo quality?
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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,897administrator
    nunzy said:
    Is this a review? What is the photo quality?
    Why would you think this is a review -- this is just a news piece.

    We've got a request out for review.
    Soliking editor the gratecaladaniannunzy
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    stanthemanstantheman Posts: 332member
    “Apple stores will begin offering the product in June.” That is not as good as a product review, but it is an endorsement of a sort. The company’s products are reviewed favorably, for the most part, on Amazon.
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