New Samsung ad takes shot at Apple over iPhone X notch, battery throttling controversy

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Going on the offensive, Samsung has released a new commercial targeting Apple's recent admission that it throttles iPhones with chemically depleted batteries.

Samsung iPhone X notch and battery ad

Dubbed "Moving On," the spot features a woman becoming increasingly frustrated with the speed of her iPhone 6 during instances like airport check-ins or calling for a taxi. At one point she visits an Apple store, where a technician tells her she could disable "performance management" features at the risk of sudden shutdowns, or simply buy a new iPhone.

Instead, she decides to buy a Galaxy S9, remarking about much faster it is.

The ad also features many references to the iPhone X, including even a father and son with "notch" haircuts.

Apple acknowledged its iPhone throttling practices in December, saying it was necessary to prevent shutdowns, much as in Samsung's commercial. In response to public backlash it began offering $29 out-of-warranty battery replacements, and introduced battery management options in iOS 11.3. The company is still dealing with lawsuits and government inquiries.

Samsung Galaxy phones do not throttle down when in an under-voltage condition induced by battery wear and user-induced load. Instead, they just shut down unexpectedly, and without warning.

Samsung dealt with its own battery issue in 2016, after a series of battery fires with its Note 7 flagship forced not one but two recalls. The debacle ended up costing over $5 billion, though the company now has more stringent testing and has enjoyed success with subsequent phones.



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    Thats low, Apple never made an explosion ad.

    Screw Samsung, I'm not buying anything from Samsung ever!
    racerhomie3olsmagman1979StrangeDaysradarthekatred oakmavemufcflashfan207claire1lordjohnwhorfin
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    racerhomie3racerhomie3 Posts: 1,259member
    Samsung. Lowlifes.

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    racerhomie3racerhomie3 Posts: 1,259member
    Samsung: We just let our devices with old batteries restart at random times of the day. 
    edited May 2018 Avieshekmagman1979Stargate70radarthekatflashfan207claire1lolliverredgeminipajony0
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,341member
    And the really funny thing is this shit hasn’t had one iota of effect on Apple sales or customer satisfaction. It’s obviously a “preaching to the choir” ad meant for Samsung fanboys who constantly need to be assured they made the right choice. In fact the ad is more about Apple than it is Samsung and the iPhone X is still the number one selling premium smartphone. Try again, Samsung.
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    The original Moving On ad was good. This one seemed a little forced.
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    dedgeckodedgecko Posts: 169member
    Apple sold me a refurbished 6+ for the cost of a battery swap 6 months outside of Apple Care due to my on-going issues. 
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    AvieshekAvieshek Posts: 100member
    lkrupp said:
    And the really funny thing is this shit hasn’t had one iota of effect on Apple sales or customer satisfaction.
    It will. Even water bend rocks.
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    mknelsonmknelson Posts: 963member
    Apple battery: rated for 80% after 500 cycles, Samsung 70% after 300 cycles?
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    jdgazjdgaz Posts: 394member
    Who has a Samsung phone old enough to worry about the battery getting run down? You cant keep it that long. Oh, and it would be about 10 releases behind on OS as well.
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    tokyojimutokyojimu Posts: 520member
    My iPhone 6 _is_ so slow, even after a battery replacement. Launching apps often takes 20 seconds. Does that mean I’m gonna buy an S9? I don’t think so. 
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    olsols Posts: 49member
    I'd rather have a phone that runs a little slower than catching fire.

    Samsung you should be ashamed of yourselves...
    Cesar Battistini Mazieromagman1979radarthekatracerhomie3lolliverwatto_cobra
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    frankiefrankie Posts: 380member
    So sad.  Poor Samsung.  :(
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    “Samsung:  Without Apple, We’re Nothing”
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    harrykatsarosharrykatsaros Posts: 57unconfirmed, member
    Why was there a Samsung logo at the end of that iPhone commercial?
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    tokyojimu said:
    My iPhone 6 _is_ so slow, even after a battery replacement. Launching apps often takes 20 seconds. Does that mean I’m gonna buy an S9? I don’t think so. 
    It means something is wrong, mine is not nearly as slow! Did you change the battery on an Apple authorized service provider?

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    nunzynunzy Posts: 662member
    tokyojimu said:
    My iPhone 6 _is_ so slow, even after a battery replacement. Launching apps often takes 20 seconds. Does that mean I’m gonna buy an S9? I don’t think so. 
    Your sacrifice is noted and appreciated. More people should be like you and stick with Apple.
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    SoliSoli Posts: 10,033member
    Q: How do you know your product leads the market?
    A: Your competitor can't stop talking about it in their own ad placement.

    Q: Will it work to get switchers from those that have had an unhappy experience with the iPhone?
    A: Probably, but I'd bet a lot more come the other way without Apple doing attack ads on Samsung. Samsung has to get Android users and unhappy iPhone users come to them, while Apple just needs unhappy Android users from any vendor.
    edited May 2018 radarthekatracerhomie3claire1lolliverwatto_cobra
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    peterhartpeterhart Posts: 152member
    It’s just classless to make blows like that. It’s sad that the only thing Samsung thinks of to try to sell their own products is to bash Apple. Controversies so prevalent that the every day user knows who they are talking about, I would think, make Samsung look worse...not better.
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    TheUnusual6TheUnusual6 Posts: 7unconfirmed, member
    How bad can this get? Samsung is so desperate its S9 is not selling well after record sales of iPhone x. You gotta try all these kinda stupid commercials to sell your shitty phones. Shame on you Shamesung! Apple should make a Note 7mobile bomb ad..
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    Samsung lashing out like a gored giant. Wonder if Apple Store debut in backyard a factor? Likely biggest result of trash talk ad is to fire up all groups in Cupertino. Game on!
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