A year with MacBook Pro: reviewing Apple's 2017 pro laptop models



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    Soli said:
    Uh, I think you're projecting your argument with @nht ;onto me. I was just trying to steer my subthread back to what looks like an upcoming mini update is likely to be, and nht kept pushing the AppleTV/ARM-based mini idea which I was pushing back on due to the suggestions you can pair a keyboard with it, might as well be able to run iWork apps on it, so forth. Again, I never said they're not going to do this, I was referring to Cook's November 2017 email implying there was an update coming, which I would expect at this point to be Intel-based. I'm not suggesting in any way that ARM-based Macs aren't coming or are unlikely, and most definitely never said it was impossible. You're putting words in my mouth, and a lot of them at that.
    Understood. I did come into this conversation at the end and was going off the specific comments I quoted. I agree that a Mac mini based on the Apple TV HW makes no sense. Even a Mac mini based the iPad Pro SoC is implausible giving the limitations of that SoC and what will required for a desktop OS unless the next A-series chip can support 8 GiB RAM or more (which seems doubtful given Apple's history).

    I fully expect most of Apple's Macs to be updated this year and I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if any of them are ARM-based. I see all the parts being maneuvered for this addition to the Mac (or Mac-like) line up, but it doesn't seem like it will be ready for this year.

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