How to send images from the Messages app on the iPhone in iOS 12



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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member
    Right, because Steve Jobs designed every single user interface in iOS and they were all the most amazing UI you ever saw, and they've gotten progressively worse ever since he died. /eyeroll
    They’ve gotten more discordant and unpolished.
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    crrisercrriser Posts: 3member
    I actually LOVE this.  I guess I am one of those people who never understood the “old” way precisely because the Camera icon is used to launch the Camera and the Photos icon to launch photos.  However I watch people DAILY who still launch the camera to get to their photos ... and never knew there was even a Photos icon.

    More importantly for me, when using the Camera inside of iMessages right now, the photo you take will NOT automatically save to the Photos app.  Instead it stays inside the iMessage app.  You have to select it then save it to the phone so other apps can access it.  Its one of the things I dislike the most because it’s NOT intuitive.

    With this change, that will no longer be the case ... when you take a pic, it will save to the Photos section and if you want it from ANY app, including iMessage, you will get it by going to Photos.

    Seems like they are just getting iMessage to behave like other apps.
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    Rayz2016Rayz2016 Posts: 4,768member
    slurpy said:
    The fucking whining here is hilarious. I installed the beta yesterday and got used to this change in like 3 seconds, then never thought about it again. It makes logical sense, as the camera icon is meant for taking photos, not opening previously taken ones. Photos also load much faster, and I find the whole process of bringing up the share sheet and sharing anything is much smoother in iOS12, getting rid of all the tiny pauses and lags in iOS11. It's an improvement both in UI consistency, logic, experience, and performance. 

    But of course, even for something like this, a tiny UI change, we get the "STEVE JOBS ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE" trolls. Its pretty disgusting, invoking a dead man to bash Apple at every single opportunity, no matter how absurd. It's nauseating, and those who do it should feel deep shame- yet obviously the
    It's nice that you discovered how to do it and adjusted to it so quickly.
    But, my non-Geeky, social worker type friends are more likely to just get frustrated, angry and disenchanted with Apple.

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