Former Apple employee pleads not guilty to stealing self-driving car trade secrets



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    Soli said:
    MacPro said:
    Soli said:
    MacPro said:
    Soli said:
    MacPro said:

    Soli said:
    The penalty for IP theft should be lobotomy.
    So industrial espionage and a 12yo that illegally copies a song from the internet should both be met with the same punishment… a lobotomy?

    Of course, in your statement, that's only if the industrial espionage actually involves theft of IP. Does that mean that If they just destroyed equipment or ruined product then there's no crime committed in your eyes?

    Personally, I don't think crimes and their punishments should be made using Code of Hammurabi-like blanket statements.
    Your sense of humor has gone to hell and a hand basket and pedantry seems to have taken over.  Out of curiosity, what happened to the good old, fun guy I used to chat to over a decade ago here called Solipsism, are you in fact the same guy?  He was early 30's back then, made enough money on shares to be semi retired and full of joie de vivre.
    Are you suggesting his comment is a joke?
    Actually yes I did even if not maybe 2018 level PC, hence my jocular response above,  but in truth I was thinking of many of the replies I've received from you in recent years and it just made me miss Solipism.  You didn't answer that question.
    I certainly don’t see any parts of his comment that constitute a joke. Could you detail how it’s a joke? Does that also mean his other extreme comments, espcially toward Obama and Hillary, are also jokes that I simply didn’t get instead of it being wishful thinking on his part?

    Do you think he’d have the same “joke” if, say, Russia hacked and crashed Google servers and stole their IP or if Apple was accused of stealing someone else’s idea(s)? Personally, I’d take the former as an attack on an American company by a hostile gov’t, but with the amount of disdain Google has on this forum I’m not sure that many here would take issue with it.

    PS: I've always made both serious and jocular comments. Often I mix them together to make my post more entertaining. Not everyone will find my comments funny, and that's fine. I even made what I consider a humorous comment in this thread (post #7).
    The only part he wrote that I read today was ...  and I quote was "The penalty for IP theft should be lobotomy.", I had not read anything other than that.  That was the beginning of a thread.  I had not been reading every post from the top.  So I can only assume you are referring to a previous thread I hadn't followed and in which we would most likely be on the same page.
    Obviously it was a joke. I don't even know why I should feel compelled to address this absurdity.
    I guess I don't understand how jokes work. Would you please explain why that comment is a joke. Does this mean all other such comments about draconian and excessively harsh actions towards people you've mention in similar ways just other attempts at humour?
    Think along the lines of Monty Python's Flying Circus. Often highly violent humour (and almost always surreal - that's not to say that the lobotomy joke was surreal (but it might be) ;)).
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