15-inch 2018 MacBook Pro compared - which upgrades are worth it?



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    strellsstrells Posts: 19member
    While the obvious recommendation for the 2.2 and 2.6 i7 is to upgrade to 32 GB of RAM, I'm surprised that was not done for the testing here.  I guess the idea was to just use the base models, but finally being able to get a machine with more than 16 GB of RAM after how many years (my fall 2013 MBP has 16 GB!) is pretty much a no-brainer.
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    My experience as probably an "average" user that wants to get the longest lifespan from my laptop:

    upgrade everything you can afford to.  
    RAM would be first priority (as it's not upgradeable later and makes a huge difference in the ability to run multiple apps or memory intense tasks like encoding video.)
    Then processor (it may not make much difference in real world usage NOW, but the i9 might make a difference in your ability to run the latest OS 5+ years from now... and it's not upgradeable later on.)
    Lastly the biggest SSD you can afford. (You'll likely want more space in the future than you think you need now, but the SSD is also (usually) upgradeable with a minimum of DIY savvy.)

    I'm currently using an "early 2014 MacBook Air" that can still handle every task I throw at it including some amateur video stuff... All I've had to do since buying it is a new battery. (specs were maxed-out when new.) I expect it to last me a couple more years now that the battery is "new" again.
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    kruegdude said:
    I thought Apple provided a solution for the initial thermal throttling issues? Are you seeing something new and measurable?

    They made it so that they no longer ping pong between high and low clocks by thermal mismanagement. However, the i9 still has the same thermal capacity as the i7s, so doesn't appreciably distance itself performance wise. 

    Safe to say the order of operations for most people should be 
    1) Get all the storage you need, you can't upgrade it 
    2) Determine if your work benefits from more than 16GB of RAM, enough to make it worth it 
    3) The 560X is a cheap upgrade, if you have left over budget and can use it, go for it 
    4) Processor upgrades are the most meh of upgrades, if you still have budget to burn get the middle i7, but the i9 is a pass. 
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    Peter WilsonPeter Wilson Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    I know I will get destroyed for this but will Dota run easily on this spec?
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    Great review! If a 2019 review ever came out, would really appreciate it! Trying to decide between i7/32gb/560x/256gb vs i9/16gb/560x/512gb
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