Ralph Nader once again assails Apple's stock buybacks



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    pk22901pk22901 Posts: 153member
    "Nader cites Marxists of the past as a positive influence?"

    Nader is also the guy that loudly and defiantly proclaimed that Al Gore's environmental bona fides weren't different from George Bush's. 

    To some extent, Mr Nader changed history as Bush's election gave us an adamantly head in sands attitude towards a CIA revealed plot to fly planes into buildings. Bush then followed with an impossibly wrong and dishonestly argued invasion of Iraq.

    Thanks Ralph. You're so wise (and full of humility).
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    metrixmetrix Posts: 256member
    davgreg said:

    Mr Nader is mostly correct as Stock buybacks are a very inefficient way to build shareholder value or return excess earnings to shareholders. A special dividend to shareholders, to name one example, would have been a more efficient option.

    Under Mr Cook, anything not iOS has been relegated to third class citizen status or left to twist in the wind. Ask yourself when have you seen a broad coordinated advertising campaign for the Macintosh in either the consumer or enterprise space? Look at the abysmal dumpster fire that is iTunes, or the lagging of Roku in the streaming HW space. Why cannot a company as big as Apple keep the wireless router line up to date and world class? Why are they still selling the trash can Mac or the outdated HW in the 2014 Mac mini?

    Why does an Apple that claims to be green seem determined to eliminate user removable batteries from every mobile device they sell? Why are all Macs currently sold sealed shut to make user upgrades or repairs improbable if not practically impossible?

    Finally, Apple does have a lot of new employees, but exactly what are they doing that is productive?

    Re: battery replacements, I have had 2012 MacBook Pro under constant use for business with the original battery that is now 6 years old and yes the computer still runs the most current OS and Parallels with Windows 10 Pro. So, if the average battery is lasting 6 years I think it is fine to have Apple replace it, do I really need to get 8 or more years on a laptop?
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    Speaking of Apple's cash pile, Elon Musk recently claimed to have secured funding to take Tesla private. I wonder if it could be Apple?
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,758member
    Speaking as a shareholder I think Tim has done a freakin' amazing job.  Thank heavens Nader isn't running Apple!  His time would be better spent worrying about companies that are not successful and advising them mmm... then again maybe not.  How is his company doing?  I would think, given how 'wise' he is, he must have a company doing better than Apple ... right?/s
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    Are Apple's pension funds in any danger? How much more accelerated can their recycling programs be? Or their green energy efforts? It's not that I don't think any of his ideas are bad, it's just that I don't see how they really apply to Apple.
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    williamhwilliamh Posts: 1,035member
    Nader has a point - on the top of his head.  Apple should takes its cue from Nader and take things to the next next level by quitting that email nonsense.  Imagine how successful Apple could be if the employees all got an honest day's work done on their typewriters. L.O.L.
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    In his open letter to Tim Cook, Nader delivered what appears to be a sincere attempt at a comprehensive laundry list of popular, Apple-is-evil sophistry, then concluded with the line, "I look forward to your thoughtful response." Three months later, he apparently has tired of sitting at his computer waiting for Cook's response, so he has to start shouting publicly again. Good for him; he's an important somebody -- not an inconsequential nobody.
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    19831983 Posts: 1,225member
    Another hard left lanky spewing their ill-informed biased vitriol against a successful ‘Capitalist’ company. I bet like Sanders he thinks the Iranian regime is the bees knees and Socialists should rule the world. I wonder if he’ll agree to appear on Iranian state TV like Britain’s Corbyn was happy to do going on an anti-establishment tirade. Don’t get me wrong I’m no Trump fanboy. The guy’s a douche and a bully. But G.. help the world if as a reaction to Trumps antics, Socialists like Sanders and Corbyn ultimately come to power. It’ll be the 1970s in the UK all over again. Why don’t people vote in experienced normal ‘middle of the road’ politicians anymore? (rhetorical) I know they can be slippery too (politics always has been, it’s the nature of the beast) but at least they’re not fanatics. The larger the middle-class (socio-economically that is) the more stable and tolerant a society is. That’s historically just how it is, and that hasn’t changed no matter what the hard-left and hard-right are trying (with scary success it increasingly seems) to convince everybody into believing. 
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    DAalsethDAalseth Posts: 2,807member
    It's sad to see a person who once was a great consumer rights advocate reduced to a whining luddite. His high point was Unsafe at any Speed, and it's been downhill from there. The only thing he didn't say is "get off my lawn". Why does anyone pay attention to someone so badly out of touch? If he want's to rail about something there are FAR more pressing things he could use his voice for. 
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    airnerdairnerd Posts: 693member
    I'm interested to see how those that advocate for spending other peoples money react when someone else tries to spend theirs.  

    popcorn at the ready.
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    The positive accomplishments of Nader's Corvair exposé might be just a happy coincidence. Consider Upton Sinclair, who is heralded today for exposing the horrors of the meat-packing industry in his book, "The Jungle," which resulted in the pure-food-and-drug laws. But if you read that book, you find that he was really a hard-left socialist who was trying to convince his readers that meat-industry abuses are just one example of the inevitable evils of free-market economics, and the cure is a government-run economy. Maybe Nader, like Sinclair, wasn't really trying to get Chevy to make safer cars -- he was trying to convince people to replace market economics with state socialism.
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    I agree with the Stephen Silver on this one, particularly the comments about Tim Cook. Good piece, thoughtful response.
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    steven n.steven n. Posts: 1,229member
    jakeb said:
    Everybody seems to have a lot of ideas for how Apple should spend its money when it’s literally one of the few companies in the world that honestly tries to do things the right way. 100% clean energy goal, 100% recycling goal, no conflcit minerals, privacy protections, an inspection process for 3rd party manufacturers... 

    Don’t punish one of the only companies in the world that has figured out how to do capitalism without being straight up evil. 
    How to do capitalism without being straight up evil?????? 

    Did if I read that comment correctly? Capitalism has done more to lift billions of people out of poverty than any other economic system. 
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,919member
    rezwits said:
     Apple is so there, and MAN WOW, am I seeing a GRIZNIP of Watches. 
    So far, I've yet to see even one Apple Watch outside of an Apple Store. Yeah Man, right on, they are taking over the world... MEH

    I see a number of things that could be really great but get released in a half hearted, half completed state or as in the new MacPro, delayed and delayed.
    They are just not delivering on their promises. 

    To put it bluntly, some asses need kicking inside Apple.
    Huh? Do you live in rural Montana? Because here in the city Apple Watches are everywhere, I see them every day. It’s a great product. 
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    It should have been “self-styled consumer advocate Ralph Nader….”
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    Never mind this Nader quy, could we have a more insightful discussion here about share buyback programs? The only benefit I see from these buybacks is raising the stock price, so in fact a present to the stockholders. I don’t see much worth in that because the stock price would have risen on its own because Apple is doing so incredible well. So why do it? 
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    steven n.steven n. Posts: 1,229member
    rezwits said:
     Apple is so there, and MAN WOW, am I seeing a GRIZNIP of Watches. 
    So far, I've yet to see even one Apple Watch outside of an Apple Store. Yeah Man, right on, they are taking over the world... MEH

    I see a number of things that could be really great but get released in a half hearted, half completed state or as in the new MacPro, delayed and delayed.
    They are just not delivering on their promises. 

    To put it bluntly, some asses need kicking inside Apple.
    I have no idea where you live but I see dozens upon dozens of people everyday wearing Apple watches. 
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    jimh2jimh2 Posts: 633member
    Standard operating procedure for liberals is telling someone else how to spend their money. There is no legitimate debate as to whether stock buybacks are the best use of cash. The board of directors is elected and paid to make these decisions for the benefit of the company and shareholders. No one has any right or need to offer their opinion.
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    rwx9901rwx9901 Posts: 100member
    That's not for anyone to decide except the people that own the company or corporation.  Period.  Nader can go pound sand.
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    spice-boyspice-boy Posts: 1,450member
    I don't agree with half of what he suggests. I do agree that more should be paid towards those that are doing the hard labour every day to create the products. But even that is a no-win situation. As soon as you pay more, lifestyles change and then it's no longer enough. More is needed, and so the cycle continues.

    please apply this advice to your own life. would you turn down an increase in your income because you know you will only spend it on a more "lavish" lifestyle. some people are smart enough to save that increase and use it wisely like not buying a new iPhone every year and holding onto the present one until it stops working
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