One year with the Apple Watch Series 3



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    Francules said:
    I do imagine the future apple series watch will have an led bright light for flashlight mode. 
    I use the existing built-in flashlight all the time! Seriously, all the time. Take the dogs for a walk at night and they go, I've got to pick it up! Can't see, but thanks to my watch I can! Adding the flashlight to Control Center was such a great feature.

    Plus, they did it so intelligently. They didn't just turn the light on all the way, they use the accelerometer to only turn it on when you tilt it away from yourself. A small thing, perfectly executed.
    Are you talking about iPhone or Apple Watch? If Apple Watch, what flashlight does it have - it just lights the screen? 
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    I started off with the AW0 and now the Series 3, I wear it everyday and feel somewhat naked if it's missing from my wrist. My favorite features about it are: *I love the LTE in the 3 and though I don't use it often, when I do need it, it works great. *The Battery life is stellar, I get everything I need for the entire day and if I put it Theatre Mode, the life of the battery extends even longer than most people expect. *Of course the handy notifications from the watch keep me from having to pull out the phone out of my pocket. *I can't recommend enough the app called HeartWatch, (as it's spelled) that wonder app and the Apple Watch collected the data I needed to diagnose an issue I have that remained mysterious for years. *Remote! Sure is nice to have a remote handy on my wrist to navigate my Apple TV's *Apple Pay with the watch is great, there are vending machines at my job that have AP enabled. All I have to do is hold up my wrist, wait for the reader to recognize it and feel the bump. I can complete the entire process in about 45 seconds to a minute. I'll be watching to see what happens with the Apple Watch 4, if there is one, and see what Apple does to add to this already feature complete device.
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    > "I'll tap you when I'm ready" This frustrating message still appears once in a blue moon on Series 3 but is largely a thing of the past.

    That must be a cellular thing because I definitely get this about one in four times I try to use Siri.

    The Series 3 is my first Apple Watch, and I've never once been disappointed by the battery life or responsiveness of the device. I feel like the earlier versions were in many ways "beta" products; the future of the Watch is going to get very exciting very soon.
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    tyler82tyler82 Posts: 1,072member
    Still ugly.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,042member
    tyler82 said:
    Still ugly.
    Sorry, you can’t circumvent genetics. Your mom still loves you. 😁
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    Sorry if this sounds rude to anybody, but I had to start skipping videos with this guy, as he's voice and intonations somehow are counter-pleasant to my ear.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,969member
    As with Dewme, I'm still rocking my series 0 and using it for a wide variety of things. It doesn't seem slow to me because I don't have any newer one to compare it to, but it has turned out to be a super-userful assistant to me, especially for paying and sending messages without digging my phone out of my pocket. The battery is starting to show its age a bit, but I still get a full day out of it. I'll likely replace it with the new one when it comes out, but I definitely got a great value for money with my first one -- and since I'm a bit less active than Andrew, my Apple Watch still looks pristine (my third-party milanese loop band, not so much).

    If you've been thinking of an Apple Watch but hesitant to buy, pick up the cheaper Series 1 (which is 90 percent of the Series 3, but half the cost) and give it a spin. I was an avowed watch-hater before I did that with the Series 0, and I'm glad I kept an open mind.
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