Eve debuts HomeKit-ready Light Strip & Power Strip

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Eve Systems on Thursday announced several HomeKit-enabled smarthome accessories, most notably the Eve Light Strip and Eve Power Strip.

Eve Light Strip

The Light Strip is a full-color, 2-meter (about 6.6-foot) lighting option that can be extended up to 10 meters (aproximately 32.8 feet). Brightness is rated at a high 1,800 lumens and runs on 2.4-gigahertz Wi-Fi.

Most Eve products are battery powered and utilize Bluetooth rather than Wi-Fi for the power efficiency. Being plugged in to power allows Eve to rely on Wi-Fi for the benefits of range and connectivity.

Eve Power Strip

The Power Strip is also equipped with Wi-Fi, and supports up to three plugged-in devices, which can be controlled together or independently. It's surge-protected, and tracks power consumption and estimated costs through the Eve iPhone and iPad app.

Eve Light Switch

The last addition is a European version of the company's existing Light Switch. While it's only available in white, third-party rockers and frames can be added.

The Light Strip and European Light Switch will ship "at a later date" for $79.95 and 99.95 euros, respectively. Pricing and availability for the Power Strip will be announced sometime in the near future.

Eve Systems, previously known as Elgato, sold off their computer accessory and gaming division to Corsair to focus on smart home accessories exclusively.

Earlier this week, Eve just released their updated second generation Eve Room (review), which was announced earlier this year at CES. It comes with a redesigned body, e-ink display, and rechargeable battery -- all improvements over the original.


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    nunzynunzy Posts: 662member
    I am going to replace all my power strips with Eve because they support Apple.
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    gutengelgutengel Posts: 363member
    These look pretty useful. I hope the power strip is cheaper than buying independent smart plugs (which as of now are around $25).
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    finally they add Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth range is just no use for anything bigger than a tiny apartment.
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