Apple, Huawei both using 7nm TSMC processors, beating out Qualcomm and Samsung



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    Those aren’t facts. They’re acts to you, in your quest to show apple up in pretty much everything. But you get it al wrong again. gatorguy said:
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    Kuo writes the move to the 7-nanometer Kirin 980 helps Huawei narrow the gap between itself and Apple "in terms of user experience," as well as differentiating its products from other Android-based smartphone vendors. 

    How can it help them "narrow the gap" when they're still relying on an inferior operating system and App ecosystem?
    In theory, Google will have the same advantage, given time, but I'm not sure they can exploit it and keep Android OS nominally "open".
    From its inception, Android was only a response to an already existing iOS and iPhone. Google got it wrong from the start (and had to quickly and hectically correct mistake after that first Jobs presentation) and they continue getting it wrong every time and still need Apple’s “inspiration” to stay on the path. And that is for one simple reason - they do not have a coherent vision/plan....just like good old Sammy,
    iOS wasn't even a rumor much less "a thing" when Google began developing Android as a smartphone OS. 
    Is that why Google completely missed the mark and had to start from scratch after Apple presented the  iPhone 1?
    My bet is Google got someone at Apple to leak a bit of info on what Apple was doing. It wasnt a lot of info, and as Apple was very secretive (for a good reason).
    My guess is that you're a lousy guesser. :)
    Go back and do a little history searching. 

    EDIT: This is a pretty good summation of how it all started.
    Sorry, but Anton is correct. Android. As envisioned by Andy Rubin, and Google, after they bought Rubin’s company, was the Blackberry. This is so well understood, that reading anything to the contrary isn’t worth the time.

    and yes, Google pretty much started over with the UI after the iPhone was shown. 
    LOL... You didn't even bother reading what he wrote before saying he was right did you? Go back and look at his post, #14.
    Anton said, quoting: " From its inception, Android was only a response to an already existing iOS and iPhone."

    Read your history.... At Android's inception there was no iPhone. There was no iOS. But there was Microsoft. 
    It’s not necessary to have read that. ho ho ho, to you too. You really don’t know about any of this, do you? The facts are right there, and you still deny it.
    I'm denying what specifically Mel? Don't be vague. Are you still not reading before tossing stuff out in a post?

    With at least two things or three things you've stated to be fact in this thread that are not I think the one closer to "not knowing about any of this" is staring at you from the mirror. 

    So ya got nuttin...
    Personally I would have avoided continuing I'm right when it's obvious I've lost, admitted to a mistake as I have before when it's happened to me and moved on. You might try that. 
    Except that I’m not wrong.
    1. Well then show me where Apple sued Andy Rubin as you claim.
    2. Show me where he was working on the iPhone and iPad when he worked for Apple from 1990-92 as you claim.
    3. Show me how "Android from it's inception" was only a response to the already existing iPhone and iOS seeing as neither one existed or were even rumored back then. 

     That's three. Should I wait? 
    You're three times wrong in one thread which isn't a great showing,  but you think it's a wonderful idea to call attention to it by pushing the story of just how right you are despite all that?

    Well OK then.... Please carry on. 
    You’re only really right in one thing here. Yes, Andy’s company wasn’t sued. It was HTC that was sued over it. But Andy did infringe.
    Oh geez Mel, you just can't leave it alone... 

    Enjoy convincing yourself you were right all along. Andy was sued by Apple for stealing a patent from his boss, Google used their time-travel machine and saw that within just a few years it would be Apple they should have their eye on and not Microsoft, and Mr Rubin was already working on the iPhone and iPad more than a decade before Apple even knew it. Gotcha. You're right of course so my apologies for ever questioning it. 
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