12 Powerbook ore Ibook? (12-14)

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Wits one is the best buy?

Preformanc/Price wise?


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    [quote]Originally posted by Cube:

    <strong>Wits one is the best buy?

    Preformanc/Price wise?</strong><hr></blockquote>

    If you can resist Al lust the 12" combodrive iBook is da bomb.

    But its reeeeeeally hard to say anything when we don´t know what your gonna use it for
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    emaneman Posts: 7,204member
    Price/performance wise I think the 12" 800MHz iBook is.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    ... and you made Anders kill 2 starving children just to say that.

    Purchasing advice goes in General Discussion, moving there...

    BTW, if you want some advice on what is best, give us something to work with.

    I'm very happy with my 800 MHz iBook with 640 MB of RAM. Speedy little machines, and you can't beat the price.

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Stay away from the 14" iBook unless you have really bad eyes. It's larger and heavier than either of the others, and it's no better than the 12" iBook performance-wise. Also, it costs more.

    The 12" PowerBook isn't as good a deal. It costs $500 more and if you're only doing basic things, it really doesn't offer a huge amount of extra performance. If you need to burn DVDs, or you're doing video editing and you need something small, get the PowerBook. But for basic stuff, the iBook is a better deal. Please provide more information though.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    I doubt the performance of the iBook is as close to the PB12 as Barefeats might imply. Too many iAppy things depend on altivec, certainly iMovie/iPhoto/iTunes, not to mention photoshop (Elements for me) will like altivec. 4200rpm drives are not the impediment they once were. 5400 is better, but as aerial densities climb HDD's do not need to spin as quickly to get the same throughput.

    So 1399 (100 extra to equalize the HD drives) for a 40GB iBook 12 versus 1799 for a PB 12 (with 40GB drive). You could make do with 30, but that's another point in the PB's favor. If you want still more storage, 60GB is available to PB buyers for a mere 50USD extra -- twice the storage of the iBook.

    For an extra 400USD you get 4x AGP graphics with spanning (NOT hacked), bluetooth and 54Mbps airport, a 133MHZ bus on DDR266, and a G4. Aesthetically, it gets you a better/slimmer/smaller/lighter package, but the iBook is still very nice. The PB is easily more feature rich and will spank the iBook the moment you try to do any serious work on it.

    The iBook does have a tray loading drive in its favor, and is cheaper, but is not as future safe as the PB. And though it has more L2 and probably a better mobile GPU, it strangles both with 2X AGP and a 100MHz bus. All PB's should pull-off QE with greater fluidity.

    It's a tough call because the two 12"ers are the best deals in Apple's line-up. If you plan to keep the machine for awhile and do any AV, an altivec CPU is a must, if you plan to buy a desktop as well, then get the iBook. Gamers and typists likely won't notice much difference. CD/video ripping junkies will.

    Also, I think I'll keep rerpeating this untill everyone is extra annoyed, but the iBook 12" probably won't survive the next major case revision to the iBook line. They WILL be all 14", though slightly smaller than the current 14.

    The only problem with the 14 is that it shouldn't cost any more than the iBook 12, at the same price, many more customers would opt for the 14, even those who claim to love the 12 so much.
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    cubecube Posts: 142member
    OK now im gonna stuff you full of some information sins al of you is asking fore it.

    OK here goes...

    Im mainly going to use it fore mp3, burning cd`s, Wrighting, internett, e-mail, DVD, a litle bit photoshop, Digital photos, Movie editing, and maby im gona make DVD but that will be some time off... gota get a digitalcamcorder first. Im also gona get a ipod ( the 10 gb one, because its thinner and has a beter chrool weel) And im a student so i dont ahve unnlimited chash <img src="graemlins/bugeye.gif" border="0" alt="[Skeptical]" />

    So this is my plan, I am going to switsh from the crappy operation sysetm that we all now... and this is going to be a start laptopp. Im dreaming of a 15 alubook, that i wil buy in maby a yare ore two. Will the iBook ore the 12 alubook last that long?

    I hope this helps

    This is gona be my main comp and i have wireless network and broadband in my house

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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    I don't know if this will end up being an issue or not, but I really like having to NEVER hear the fans in my iBook. My TiBook on the other hand, would blow constantly while it was charging or if I started to work it really hard.

    The MiniPB has even less room in it than my 15 did... hope the fan thing isn't a problem. I know people have said they're hot, but I haven't heard much about the fans either way.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    Would spell checking be on that list too?

    Seriously, though, if you're going to be doing a lot of mp3 encoding, the g4 kicks the crap out of a g3. And OS X likes altivec. But the ibook is no slouch either. It's a good dilemma to have.


    ps - the pb also is airport extreme ready (what a stupid name), so it's more future-proof in that regard, as well.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,261member
    For the MP3 encoding junkies out there... once your CD collection is ripped, how often will you be ripping other CDs?

    I thought of this since I know iTunes rips faster with a G4, but after I was done converting all of my CDs to MP3, I've maybe ripped a dozen (this was a couple months ago).

    If you're doing 2-5 CDs a week even, is it a big deal if it takes 8 minutes instead of 5 to rip a CD?
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    You raise good points. I have to say that at full price, I would think differently of it, but after taxes, I'm getting this book for just about 500CND more than an iBook. I refuse to use a G3 on principle, it's an afront to computing decency that such a chip is still in use. I figure, given the savings, that if I find the PB unsatisfactory, I'll ebay it within 6 months and either go back to Wintelon full time, or see what Apple has cooking for MWNY...

    Now you've all given me the urge to check the status of my order.
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    hazhaz Posts: 3member
    I am also considering this same decision. However I am considering the 14" ibook and the 12" powerbook.

    I have a few questions. If the new powerbooks do not support os9 then i assume you will not be able to boot up in to Linux ? (at the moment) Is this correct, and yes i do know OSX is built on free BSD.

    Also what i have read states that the poerbook 12" does not support spanning, although the ibook does (via the hack).

    Does anyone have any advice to offer me to make my purchase any easier. I am a software developer, coding in Java, JSP and using postgresql (open source database). I will do most of my work if not all on my desktop, and will use the laptop to showcase my products (i.e dynamic web aplications) to clients. This is the MAIN use of the laptop and the only real reason i am buying one.

    So do you think the bigger screen (14" ibook) will make a difference when compared to the 12" powerbook screen, when i am showcasing the product. (I really want the 17" one but i can not spend that much . It may project a bigger better product ?, The 12" one may let it down somehow?

    What are your views ? I would really appreciete your help. And by the way this will be my first mac. (I did initially have the urge to wipe OSX compleatley and install Debain when i get my laptop, but i may give OSX a try).


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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    The powerbook does support spanning up to 1600x1200 over VGA, the iBook does not unless you hack it.

    If your sole purpose is to showcase software in mobile presentation then you might want to think about a Titanium867 or 1Ghz instead
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    hazhaz Posts: 3member
    Its good to hear that is supports spanning.

    Anyway i can just streach to £1,399.00 i do not think i can afford to pay £500 more for the 15.2" inch one. And also isnt that one going to be replaced anyway in a couple of months ?

    I asume you do not think it is viable to showcase my work to clients on a 12" screen ? Or am i incorrect to assume this ? If so I am left with the 14" ibook, is this your thinking ?

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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member

    If you're going to be using the computer just for a year and then replace it with a bigger one, maybe the iBook would do it. I'm sure an iBook will be up-to-date enough in a year, and that'll leave you with more money to get a nicer computer later. On the other hand, the PowerBook will get you more money when you sell it (though I doubt it'll get you $500 more).

    Of course, if it'll be your only computer for a year, you might just want to have the extra power of the PowerBook instead of the iBook. Personally, I'm planning on replacing my iBook in 1-3 years, though I might do it sooner or later. It all depends. I mean, I kept my 7100/80 from 1996 until 2001 with no more than a RAM upgrade, but on the other hand I only had my dual 500 MHz G4 for about three months. Maybe I'm addicted or something... I mean, I'm sure my iBook is more than enough for 95% of what I do, and it'll be like that for years and years. I'm just going to run out of hard drive space I suppose.
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    cubecube Posts: 142member
    This is driving me cracy

    Its so hard to deside... Im not shure if i shuld wait fore the 15 inch alubook, and just bye it and bang my head whit an hammer(so I can forget how mutsh I chasshed out fore it) :eek:

    And this computer I wil stick around whit fore a long time, so its quite an important shoys...

    Te only thing I now is that i want a laptopp, not som big bulkey machine But the power is nice.

    Sorry fore my spelling.

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    hazhaz Posts: 3member

    I have ordered my 12" powerbook with superdrive. I had to give in to the urge I just could not resist it.

    In the end the only thing stopping me from deciding between the 14" ibook and the 12" powebook was the 12" screen, Which i thought would be to small to showcase my web applications to the clients, but after speaking to a few people who do that kind of thing they all said that managment expects 12" screens and it is the norm. Thats all i had to hear

    Thanks anyway,

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    serranoserrano Posts: 1,806member
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    yep, iBook.

    And a good point from Murbot... I keep seeing these arguements that the G4 rips CDs so much faster. But if you only rip each CD once then who cares?!? Not a big deal.

    The PowerBook 12" I find puzzling. I love the Al style, I like the slot-load, but if you need a G4 I would assume that a 12" screen is not exactly the preference (video editing, many palettes, etc). The iBook still, to me, seems to be the better value unless you're a die-hard BlueTooth fan. Even still, the only cell phone I know that has BlueTooth is the SE T68i. One phone? C'mon! And you want a wireless mouse/keyboard? On a laptop? Whatever.

    Another thing that maybe someone could answer for me.. AirPort Extreme.... it would drastically speed up file transfers between computers, but isn't the web surfing slowdown the internet provider? DSL only goes so fast and it was my understanding that the original AirPort speeds were fast enough.

    When I factor all that together... I say the answer is iBook. And I think the 12" iBook will be around for a while, too. Speaking of which, what's with the rumors to iBook upgrades? When's that gonna happen? I heard Feburary a long time ago but not much has been said. Would that involve the Gobi chip? And if it did, where would that put the new Powerbooks?!

    Aaaghh!! So many questions. Sorry for the rambling.
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    cubecube Posts: 142member
    Thex fore al your help, now im convinched that the iBook is the best But i just got an offer of 1400 US dollars fore a 667 mhz G4 powerbook + soundsticks... wuld this be a better buy :confused:

    Sorry fore my spelling.
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    torifiletorifile Posts: 4,024member
    It's true that you'll only rip a cd once in a while, but everytime I do it I'm reminded of how slow it was on my iBook. And I tend to do things on the way out the door, so it's nice to be able to finish a cd in 4 minutes versus the 10 or so it took on the iBook. Either way, this is a good dilemma for a person to be in. You can't really go wrong.

    Be sure to up the RAM to 640 on either machine because it makes a big difference. My bro's computer (600mhz iBook w/ 640 of ram) seemed faster that my Ti with 512. I know, perceptions differ, but it makes a huge difference.
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