Apple unveils all new 13-inch MacBook Air with Retina display, Thunderbolt 3 and more



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    docno42 said:
    lorin schultz said:No, you're mistaken. Read Isaacson's book. I think I may even have included some quotes earlier in this thread. Steve was vehemently anti-stylus. It wasn't just that he felt it shouldn't be needed, he opposed making one available, period.

    sirozha did not misread Jobs.
    Isaacson was a hack; I regret giving him any of my money for that crappy book (what a poor choice for a biographer he was; the cancer drugs must have clouded Job's decision making with that one).  

    No one knows if Jobs was misread or not since we aren't inside his head and sadly he's not here to ask.   If you are asserting he was opposed to making one available ever, verses at the time then I would seriously challenge you that you are in dangerous territory with that assertion.  With precedence working against your assumption.  At one point Steve was also vehemently against watching video on small devices like the iPod - until Apple was ready to push it.  Then all the sudden he was for it :smile:    Some consider that flip flopping - I call it pragmatic.  Why push or validate something you aren't ready to support yet?  Jobs did pay attention to the whole Osborn fiasco - and to some extent the Apple III too.

    I doubt he would have any objection to the pencil whatsoever, especially the 2nd crack at it.  It's such a natural experience now I'm seriously thinking of upgrading my iPad Pro just for the enhancements in it's use vs. the gen 1 pencil.  Storing and charging were the achelliez heals of the first pencil, both are handily solved now.  
    To be clear, I think the Pencil is a great idea. I'm only saying that Steve Jobs didn't. We *DO* know whether or not he was "misread" because he stated clearly, on the record, that he opposed the concept. No caveats, no circumstantial qualifications. He hated the idea of a stylus ever touching an iPad, period.

    If there's any conjecture here, it's guessing what he might think if he were still alive today. Since he isn't, all I have to go on is his last stated position.
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