Benchmarked: AMD's Radeon Vega 20 gives MacBook Pro big graphics boost



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    If this new graphics card fits in the case with all the other CPU stuff (and the battery), why can’t we get an eGPU with the same form factor?  Very thin and light.  Heck, I’d get one if they put it in an eGPU box that looked like the Mini for my mini.
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    tipootipoo Posts: 1,132member
    ne1 said:
    Those of us who purchased top of the line MBPs in August are just getting angrier and angrier. Apple made a mistake not letting us know this was coming.

    But the one you bought is still being sold at the same price as when you bought it. 

    These new models are added cost on top of that. So in terms of like for like pricing, you wouldn't have missed anything even if you waited. 

    As for getting angry at updates shortly after you bought something, I'm not big on that either, I'd rather they update macs as soon as chips are ready so you're always buying the latest, rather than artificially waiting for a next event. They released Vega 20 when it was ready for mobile and I like that. 
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    freaking great comparisons
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