Apple falls 2% as HSBC joins chorus of banks downgrading shares on iPhone saturation fears...



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    Latko said:
    cornchip said:
    Bankers not understanding what Apple does. 
    There are lots of opportunities and challenges to improve Apple’s outlook when it comes to innovation, quality, financial outlook, redefining its mission in saturated markets - which are not optimally served by a CEO denying every problem and diverting his attention so much towards external causes. Look at his Twitter feed. Note: that’s not just my personal assessment, but a more general impression in the market. It is up to Tim to either feed or calm those factors you mention. He has no higher truth than that, apparently. And raising prices for the sake of protecting sales volume is actually a very, very (=intrinsically) bad idea. Not disclosing unit sales numbers is already backfiring on him. Time for a change.
    Nah, you don't know what you're talking about, and definitely could not run Apple better than Cook is. His watch has seen staggering growth, historic growth. His reputation as one of the greatest modern CEOs is cemented. Despite the hangups some people have for sticking up for equal civil rights. 
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    JWSCJWSC Posts: 425member
    lkrupp said:
    jimh2 said:
    Companies that try to cover all bases frequently end up divesting themselves of non-related products.
    Like GE is doing right now.

    Neutron Jack didn’t seem to care what market GE’s diverse portfolio of businesses were in as long as each was number 1 or 2 in its chosen market.  It was all about numbers without pride of product, which is why GE is where it is today.  Crappy inconsistent products with little attention to brand.  And now the GE brand is worth squat.

    Fortunately, Apple doesn’t have these problems.  It is focused on only a few products and its brand is stellar.

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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,216member
    Rayz2016 said:
    Mmm …

    I'm wondering if now's a good time to jump in, or if it'll go lower.
    I did, I think soon it will be just you, me, Buffet and Tim ;)
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    cornchip said:
    Bankers not understanding what Apple does. 
    They don’t even understand what they themselves do...  :#
    They can't even predict the past accurately.
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    It’s hard to disagree that hardware unit growth is likely to slow down, but

    1) analysts have been saying this for quite a few years now, and Apple continues to surprise 

    2) like he said, the Services division continues to grow relentlessly 

    3) even if unit sales flatten out, ASPs and margins have been growing and may continue to do so—just look at the XS Max and iPad Pro

    4) even if every Apple business line stopped growing, the share price would probably still double in less than five years if they kept trading at the same low multiple, due to buybacks

    so, for the short term, there may be better growth stocks out there if you can find them, but Apple is reliably raking in cash, continuing to grow, and if the stock market were to suddenly crash, it’s one of the companies that is most likely to come out fine, because of their huge buyback program. 

    I also think there’s a decent chance that they will release something like an “iPhone SE2” next spring, with a smaller body and screen, Face ID and a price that’s lower than that of the XR, which would be extremely popular. 
    #3. Gross Margin % has remained bw 37-39% for almost a decade. ASP may be up but prob has more to do with the cost of materials and/or production going up. 
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    Iphone sales are down for a few other reasons as well:

    nobody is talking about these reasons at all.

    they are releasing 3 models since a couple of years. This may add variety, however, if the end product isnt extraordinary, people would want to stick to their current phone and wait for a new one next year. XR has LCD screen because it is lower end, however, it still is expensive. Despite the price slash, it still remains expensive.

    simple features that are basic in android, apple has decided not to provide them - example - removing volume bar from the middle of the screen. So for someone who owns iPhone X, the XS or Max isnt a great innovative product if they simply dont listen to the consumers who have been begging literally, some of my friends decided to let go off theirs after years of patiently waiting. Not sure what sadistic pleasure they derive in not providing this simple future.

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    I’ve still got a large unfilled order in for AAPL at $150 (the 52-week low is $150.24)... at the rate the stock has been getting killed, it may go through yet.

    *NOTE: This should not be interpreted as stock or legal advice.

    Also, with the increasing frequency of Tim Cook’s political statements, I wonder if he’s planning on jumping ship and running for some kind of political office soon. Personally, I think he’d be making the biggest mistake of his career, but who knows?
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