Apple iPhone XS awarded smartphone camera of the year, Google Pixel 3 runner-up



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    avon b7 said:
    MadTiger said:

    "Same with processor.   You think that Apple only did “optimization” between A11 and A12??  Dude, read Anandtech exhaustive review!  Educate yourself...instead of basing everything on Huawei presentation!!  Geez!  Damn."

    Can you see what you are doing? Where did I say 'only'?

    I used the jump from A11 to A12 to highlight the performance angle.

    The optimization is important as it allowed iOS 12 to run well on older phones (from A11 down). No one currently running an A11 is craving an A12 for purely performance reasons. We have long moved past the point where performance drives phones sales.

    No one using a Kirin 970 is craving a Kirin 980.

    Both the A12 and the Kirin 980 bring new features to the table. Those features don't seem to be helping Apple too much as sales remain flat. One of the reasons for that is that people are happy with what they have. Performance, if it were so important, would see millions upgrading. They aren't - as sales remain flat. 

    The rest of what you proclaim has already been covered in my previous post. No need to change anything. Smart HDR? Do you think the Mate 10 and 20 series and the P20 series don't already do their own takes on Smart HDR?

    I have no doubt that Apple's processor team is not standing still. No one said they were and they are doing amazing work but you need a little more perspective and forward thinking.

    The Ascend AI processor hardware line will scale down from massive computational metrics down into 'nano' use cases and literally everything in between. And it is just part of HiSilicon's work.

    When you see the scale of what they are developing, you realise Apple isn't in the same ball park. This is pulled from the top of Google's search results:

    Or search for your own information.

    So, your source remains Huawei presentations.  Let's wait for actual products.  Apple has done quite a bit of AI research as well...didn't they win the most prestigious price in AI research not so long ago??  Presentations are great...anyone can make claims.  

    I only can judge things based on what has come out.  And that is Kirin 980 vs. A12.  Let's keep on topic.

    Smart HDR is unique.  A12 is able to show you Smart HDR on your display in real-time for both pics and video...something that A11 and other phones cannot do.  Beyond that, it is able to lift shadows in real-time by analyzing every pixel.  Same goes for video.

    You ask about A12 vs. A11...i gave you two significant advances.  Smart HDR and 60 FPS gaming are very real and pretty damn cool...something that no other phone is offering. 

    What does Kirin 980 offer that an average consumer can see??  People see Smart HDR and 60 FPS every time they open Camera app or play a game.  

    As for sales, let's wait for the quarter financials...again, you're getting ahead of yourself again.
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