5G iPhone might have Samsung or MediaTek modems, says Apple's Tony Blevins



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    GeorgeBMacGeorgeBMac Posts: 11,421member
    tmay said:
    tmay said:
    So, the question on whether Apple will have 5G capable phones by this September rests on whether or not alternative supplies to Qualcomm and Huawei can be found -- rather than some ridiculous strategic decision as so many here on ai have suggested.  (One of the more popular rationalizations were:   "Since 5G won't serve rural areas, we don't need it".  Or, "Since the carriers won't have the network 100% complete, there is no need for Apple to incorporate a 5G modem").  Nonsense.

    I'm betting we will see 5G in an Apple phone this September.  If not, we'll see another disappointing sales year.

    One possible scenario is:   Qualcomm will drop their ridiculous exclusivity requirement and supply Apple with 5G modems for the high end Xs line of phones -- and the lower cost LCD units will continue with LTE modems until Intel and others can get on board.

    But, hopefully, Intel, Samsung and third tier players will be up and running by then.
    Very likely that Apple has already frozen the designs for 2019, so I don't expect to see 5G this year. Any iOS users today that find that 5G is a requirement, will wait for the 2020 models, though that would be a small number relative to the user base.
    Marginalization as an argument?
    "It's already frozen 9 months before release"?
    "Not many will care"?
    "The damn users can wait!"

    If any or all of that were actually true it would surely, more than anything else, signal the demise of Apple -- not because Apple didn't have a 5G phone when "everybody" else did, but because it showed an arrogance, indifference and hubris of a lesser company.
    Pure speculation on your part that Apple will have 5G capabilities this fall or that it will be "another disappointing sales year". No different than my speculation, just that it is a given that the 2019 designs are not going to suddenly incorporate 5G at this late date; too much RF testing to meet functional and FCC requirements to wait. On the other hand, if there was an existing deal for production of said modems, then you would likely be correct. I have heard of none.

    Apple has an upgrade program in place for those that are concerned about this years lack of 5G future proofing.

    Myself, I'll be lucky to see 5G buildout in my exurban area in the next 5 years, if history is any example.

    I am interested in the high end iPhone model that will have three rear cameras, replacing my iPhone 7 Plus, so I'll likely get my wish, based on the rumors.

    LOL... Oh!  That's good!  I feel better now knowing that Apple will let you return the phone for a 2020 model if they forget to incorporate 5G into the 2019 model.   And, that it doesn't matter anyway since rural hicks won't need it.
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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,594administrator
    ivanh said:
    To make America Great Again, Apple should use USRobotics instead of SamSung.
    That would be fine, other than the fact that USR doesn't even make 4G modem chips, let alone 5G. And, in their 3G products, they use Samsung & Qualcomm modem chips.
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