Apple to lower iPhone pricing in key markets after sluggish December quarter



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    nht said:
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    Taking a positive reading out of this, admitting miscalculating some things is a good start and adjusting prices in some markets is the way to go.

    The Mate 20 Pro landed in India at the same price as an XR and as you stepped down into the lower bands you came up against NEW Honor and Xiaomi flagships plus their cheaper siblings. The result (that most people agree with) is that Apple took a battering in India. There were other issues of course (local manufacturing etc) but while Tim Cook's reaction may be late, at least there has been some official admittance of miscalculation. No doubt a few years from now we'll see stories of how higher management handled the 2018 refresh and the dissenting voices that thought pricing was reaching a ceiling. I'm convinced that the feature set and pricing options didn't receive universal approval within Apple.
    Having owned those Chinese flagships I’d much rather have an XR and do.

    You keep shilling for Huawei.  I hope they are paying you in euros rather than gift cards.
    I never shill.

    I mostly speak about what I know.

    Which Chinese flagships have you owned?

    Everybody has their preferences but it's been clear that for a while now people have been prefering Android phones over iPhones, and in the case of Huawei in particular, prefering them more with every passing quarter.

    I now have a 'lowly' Honor 10 sitting next to an XR that cost twice as much. There is little difference in real use terms between the two but the Honor 10 is far lighter, charges far, far faster and has twice the storage capacity. Out of the box the camera is far more flexible and in real world use loads web pages faster over cellular connections and Wi-fi. They are tangible improvements over the XR and I consider them key areas. It is running Android Pie and EMUI 9. Then you can add in the preferences like bezel width, headphone jack, wireless charging, biometrics etc and all the configuration options at EMUI level.

    And this was a phone that was released long before the XR. Honor now has more offerings that go head to head with the XR.

    You should at least be able to understand why Huawei has been able to ship millions of handsets and taken a chunk out of every price band it operates in (including Premium and ultra premium).
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