Apple kills Google's enterprise development certificate because of Screenwise Meter



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    MplsP said:
    k2kw said:
    I am soooooo sick of Data Miners .....Google and Facebook...they disgust me and should everyone else for their deplorable behavior . Data mining 13 yr olds for crying out loud...!!!!
    If I get free Apps and services I am fine with it.

    The problem is, you don't know exactly how much data is being mined and what happens to the data afterwards.

    1. 'Harvested' (5 septillion bytes, per day on everyone),

    2. 'Distilled/refined'


    3. 'Sold.'

    4. 90% of all data harvested, has been harvested in the last two years.

    5. The first three companies to acquire 1 billion users were Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Companies whose business model is to harvest personal data and the data of all your friends and sell it!

    At least one of them never sells it, and never has. Maybe two of them.  
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    Basically that. The Guardian will actually change their headlines until they find one that is click-baity enough about Apple. (You can always see the original headline in the URL.)
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    jungmark said:
    lkrupp said:
    Let the war begin!!

    I wonder if the media will have a frenzy over these scumbags like they did when 14 iPhones bent in 2014?
    The media is already skewering Apple for having too much power over Google and Facebook. One headline starts with “We should all be worried about how much power Apple has”. I kid you not. Google and Facebook blatantly violated the terms of their enterprise development certificate but Apple is portrayed as the evil one for kicking them in the balls for it. 
    It's media's new mantra: if it's negative Apple news, it leads! 
    Or if it's positive Apple news, let's somehow make it a negative one, it leads!
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