Apple's weak Chinese iPhone sales blamed directly on high prices



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    Ever higher prices are, in the end, good for us all.
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    I'm okay with continously rising prices. Even if it poses a threat to Apple services, or making me unable to afford the new Apple device. For those, who dislike consumerism in love with our mother earth, who care about utilization, rising prices is logical step in order to manage demand and utilization.
    I want Apple products to lead this way of thinking, I want them to be so expensive it makes us using the device up to it's EOL, getting the most of it.
    We can always buy used or refurbished units.
    It also needs Apple to act in such manner.. for example when new software technology appears in new version of OS, which requires newer hardware (like Metal 2), it should be optional.. staying disabled on older hardware, yet these old devices should stay supported for much longer time. We should be able to download old versions of apps from the AppStore, and older versions of OSes as well !
    I'm not getting it why some easy apps (like a stupid facebook app) is choppy on older hardware after being updated to the newest version.. there's no logical reason for it. All this is just some artificial pushing on us to upgrade hardware, to consume.
    For me, it's so alluring to buy the new iPhone even through the old one will end up in the drawer (still able to make a call, to play some racing game etc.).
    We the people are irresponsible, indirectly causing child labor suffering in developing countries, existence of this "continent of plastics", high carbon footprint etc. 
    Apple is the only company - able and partly willing - to use our big money to make things right.
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    A few years ago people knew that Apple products were expensive. They also thought of them as superior to the competition. If you owned (afforded) an Apple device, people kind of admired you. As in "wow, he can afford the good stuff!".

    Today the reactions are more like: "I can't believe he fell for this overpriced stuff..."
    avon b7
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