Leaked docs show Facebook weaponized user data against competitors, with little regard for...



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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,088member
    sflocal said:

    So it's the same tactics that companies like Google used prior to FB being as big as it is.  This is a non-event.
    Isn’t that a pity?
    Not even remotely close.  This is data about users that like cute kitten videos.  FB doesn’t have have users financial information, or data that could wreak havoc with their lives.  It’s all data that the users themselves uploaded and interacted with.  Heck, much of it is public for the most part.

    Don’t upload anything to a social media sites that you don’t want anyone to see.  I find all the “outrage” about Facebook data to be laughable.

    Facebook data, couldn’t care less.  The data breach that everyone forgot about... Equifax?  That’s what people should be up in arms with.  
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    frantisekfrantisek Posts: 755member
    Anyone surprised?
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,394member
    chasm said:
    How is Zuck not in jail yet?

    Oh yeah, two justice systems ...
    Which laws has he broken? Real question. I see these calls for really harsh prison sentences and yet Ikm not sure he’s broken any laws. So, speaking of multiple justice systems, let’s add the Internet Outrage Court to that. 

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