Tim Cook promises expansion of Screen Time in interview with ABC



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    apple ][ said:
    My opinion is that more people should just be better parents and raise better and smarter kids. There is no software around that will make up for bad parenting, lazy parenting or irresponsible parents, of which there are many. I see the proof everyday. Too many parents probably use devices as babysitters for their kids. 
    Yes, some people do that for their kids, and that is indeed an issue. However, that's separate from the parental controls side of things in my opinion. When my 5-year-old wants to watch one episode of Paw Patrol on the family iPad, that's one thing. When my 13-year-old tries to get around parental controls (strangely called "screen time" by Apple) to find porn on his iPhone, then yes, I will lock that thing down as tight as Fort Knox, and I have. You can be the world's most perfect parent and still have your kid end up in jail, and you can be the world's worst parent and have your kid grow up a saint.

    But every bit of help from people like Tim Cook is greatly appreciated. I am very glad I can lock down my teen's iPhone so it can be used for 3 and only 3 purposes: 1. Call us/we call him, 2. Maps if he gets lost as he is fairly poor with directions and 3. Find Friends/Find My iPhone so we can track him down if he's not where he's supposed to be.

    That's it. No web, no camera, no apps, nothing. Once he can demonstrate trustworthiness then we as parents will reconsider.
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