Photos show purported green & lavender colors for 2019's iPhone XR follow-up

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New photos allegedly depict the colors Apple is swapping in for 2019's successor to the iPhone XR, namely green and lavender.

iPhone XIR

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reiterated a recent report by Mac Otakara, claiming that green and lavender will replace blue and coral for the XR's follow-up. That may suggest that the latter colors are the least popular, if Apple isn't simply switching things up to make 2019 hardware distinct.

The images appear to show broken pieces of several phone shells, as hinted by rounded edges. Also seen are black, white, and yellow shards. It's unclear where they were sourced from or if they're authentic.

The iPhone XR is also presently available in black, white, yellow, and (PRODUCT)RED, the last of which shares proceeds with charity. Apple will presumably keep those colors.

EverythingApplePro has produced concept renders of what an "iPhone XIR" might look like (via Ben Geskin):

iPhone XIR

The phone is rumored to be keeping a 6.1-inch LCD, but upgrading to a twin-lens rear camera among other improvements. That should let it achieve 2x optical zoom, plus the same sort of depth-of-field effects previously reserved for phones like the iPhone XS -- the XR uses a purely algorithmic approach for Portrait Mode.


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    repressthisrepressthis Posts: 400member
    Personally, I really love the electric lime green shown off in earlier rumors.
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    repressthisrepressthis Posts: 400member
    ...though, matte aluminum cannot capture the glossy, wet look of a bright, almost neon color. That was evident when viewing the coral iPhone XR in person. Electric lime green would work best with high polished stainless steel. 
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    chasmchasm Posts: 1,667member
    The lavender looks nice, but I’m pretty much married to black/space black/space gray/make up your mind Apple! :)
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    tyler82tyler82 Posts: 882member
    needs a new naming scheme
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    litolooplitoloop Posts: 22member
    the green looks good. still holding on to my iphone 7 though.
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    racerhomie3racerhomie3 Posts: 1,156member
    How many of you guys have personally used the coral & blue colored XRs ?
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    What if it just looks lavender in that lighting, but it’s actually a kinda desaturated blue? That could look cool. Not saying that’s likely, but I’d like it!
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    Johan42Johan42 Posts: 163member
    I love how Apple always makes their shittier version of the iPhone red, but keep their top of the line with the dull grey/white/gold colors. Hurry the hell up and upgrade the color options. So many years of the same old shit.
    mazda 3s
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    fred1fred1 Posts: 340member
    I can’t get so emotional about the colors. I have my iPhone in a case. 
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    tipootipoo Posts: 1,058member
    litoloop said:
    the green looks good. still holding on to my iphone 7 though.

    Yeah I'm also on a 7, the new XR has appeal but I'm wondering what the screen will be. I'm not inclined to move sideways to another 326PPI LCD. Even if it was a 400PPI LCD like the Plus I'd be good. 
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