Huawei faces dual US bans, Dutch accusations of carrier backdoor



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    And the rest of the world is pretty much against those sanctions anyway.
    Who cares. They can do what they want. But don't get American companies involved by stealth, as your pal -- the Huawei lady under extradition orders in Canada -- is alleged to have done.
    Yes. 'alleged'. That something to remember.

    As for others doing 'as they want', that would be nice, except when they do that, they get threatened by their 'ally'. Some ally eh?!

    The world basically turned its back on the US on Iran sanctions. The US refused to listen and look at things now! Perhaps we should have seen this coming:

    As for US companies, some of them wouldn't even be American today if it weren't for the government stopping buy outs on the grounds of 'fears' of losing 'control':

    And many American companies have actually fallen foul of the US sanctions on Iran but what happened to them?:

    Are you surprised that Meng was singled out? Are you seeing that national security has nothing to do with anything here?

    Most of the world has gone a different way on climate change too and just for good measure, Donald Trump will be greeted in London by over a million Londoners who will tell him what they think:

    You aren't even worth mocking anymore. For all the stuff that Trump has done, he is the Leader of a Democratically elected government, yet, never a bad word about China from you.

    No government is perfect. Not China. Not the US, Russia or the UK.

    I prefer to steer clear of politics as you know well. Sometimes business and politics overlap however. Like this Huawei case.

    Given the comments by high ranking US officials, will you now concede that this has very little to do with security and everything ro do with power and influence?

    Will you concede that the US president has overstepped the mark? Made unproven claims about Huawei? Escalated issues beyond reasonable levels? Threatened allies? Interfered with third countries? Provoked crisis situations with Iraq, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela?

    While far from perfect, by all accounts, China has not really kicked up the same kind of issues or created the same kind of issues. Huawei, definitely not.

    China is mostly reacting to changing situations, not provoking them with the same regularity as DT.

    Take a look at the world press. Who is getting criticised more? Trump or Xi?


    If I mention the US it's because something happened that makes it worth commenting on (in the tech and security spheres).
    No, I won't concede anything of the sort.

    "While far from perfect". China is an authoritarian government.


    There's also the possibility that the U.S. and China won't come to a trade deal, and Xi needs that much more than Trump does.
    Actually, just because US is a democracy and China is  not, I don't think that is true anymore. What would American companies do without cheap Chinese labour?
    There are other countries vying for the work in South East and South Asia. The problem for the U.S. companies is that it takes time to transition production.
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    Avon B7, based on your post history, I hope the 50 Cent Army at least pays well. You've spent so much time posting in defense of Huawei and against US policy that you're becoming too obvious as a shill. You should probably change out the online persona or mix up your topics a bit.
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