T-Mobile 'crazy in love' promotion of OnePlus 7 Pro tweeted from iPhone



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    dws-2dws-2 Posts: 276member
    Marketing people tend to use iPhones, and they're not tech-savvy enough to know that fact is posted along with their tweet.

    At some point, I think we need to get over this.
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    sirozhasirozha Posts: 801member
    dws-2 said:
    Marketing people tend to use iPhones, and they're not tech-savvy enough to know that fact is posted along with their tweet.

    At some point, I think we need to get over this.
    I totally agree. It absolutely makes no difference  what device one uses to make a post to social media. Just like it doesn’t matter what car one drives.  Not everyone working for Kia drives a Kia and neither does everyone who works for Tesla drive a Tesla. 

    Also, for a technical person, it’s important to know how to use different platforms. Even for non-technical people like police officers, paramedics, nurses, doctors, etc. it’s important to know how to use both iOS and Android to be able to get to the emergency information on a phone of the person they are trying to rescue or keep alive. 

    So, all you Android detractors, imagine this situation. You are at restaurant and suddenly you hear shots fired. You drop on the floor and crawl under your table. Panic ensues. People run and duck for cover. Broken glass is flying everywhere. Overturned tables and chairs are everywhere. People are bleeding on the floor. You reach for your iPhone to dial 911 but discover to your horror that it’s out of battery. Then, you notice another phone on the floor close to you. You reach for that phone and realize it’s an Android phone and it’s locked. You are screwed, as you have no idea how to dial 911 from a locked Android phone, since you hate Android so much that you never bothered to spend a few minutes with one to learn basic Android skills. And then, you hear steps approaching your hiding place and you know your time has come. Was it worth it to hate on Android so much for so many years? 
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    applephappleph Posts: 11member
    She was posing for a photo with her using a OnePlus 7 Pro, how would she have the picture shot if not with her old iphone?
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    dragonherderdragonherder Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    doctwelve said:
    Folio said:
    But it's all the more puzzling that much media in US is hostile to Apple, arguably the only successful US based consumer electronics company for ages. 
    Well said. I am really not sure why so many US-based media sites (looking at you The Verge) are so frequently anti-Apple. It's not like their competitors are paying them money through advertising or something... oh, wait... 
    Because many on those sites are tech geeks and the like. Apple used to advertise itself as somehow being the "open" company back in the earlier days and basically ran ads trying to make ibm/microsoft look bad or totalitarian. I like apple's hardware design (minus whatever is going on with the macbook pro / macbook keyboards) and the overall design of MacOS, but a lot of us dislike the overall locked down attitude that has become so prevalent at the company over a long stretch. Apple do what they want and don't really seem to actively support a lot of things that is really a benefit to people which while some view as trying to progress computing in some fashion ends up also creating a whole slew of other issues. Apple has good design chops but bad policy.
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    dragonherderdragonherder Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    firelock said:
    sirozha said:
    If DED lived in Russia, he would be a pro-Kremlin pro-Putin media apologist, judging by the fervor with which he bashes everything Android and defends everything Apple. 

    I am an AAPL shareholder, and I want Apple to succeed and grow, but there is no reason to slam and bash everything Android because that creates a false sense of security and helps Tim Cook and the rest of Apple leadership rest on their laurels while some real innovation happens on the Android side of the equation, which makes Android more and more compelling choice. This will become increasingly the case if - God forbid - the tariffs on Apple products materialize in the near future. 

    Those who continue to bash Android are basing their uneducated opinion on the Android (and Android handsets) of a decade ago. Pick up the modern Android phone (not a Samsung one) and spend a few days with it. You will see that Android today is a formidable alternative to the iPhone. Then, you will understand how badly Tim Cook is squandering the advantage that the iPhone once (and perhaps still) has had over Android. While Cook is innovating with Emojis, Animojis, and rainbow watch faces, Google is breathing Apple in the neck with their real innovations. A few examples are Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Android Auto. If Apple continues to remain complacent, I don't even want to think about what will happen to my investment portfolio. 
    I agree that no one should “bash” based on “uneducated opinions,” but what about making reasonable, educated observations? I’m glad you like Android, and many of my friends do. That’s OK. But the friends who are developers, and the big developing companies that I work with, will all tell you that Android is more difficult to develop for. Do you know what developers call compatibility testing on Android? “The matrix of pain.” Do you know why? Because of the fact that Android is so Balkanized. Amazon, for example, is a big fork of Android. Samsung slaps its Bixby on top of everything and makes it difficult for you to get to a lot of the better Google apps. Also, let me get this straight, you are saying to get a “modern Android phone,” but NOT a Samsung phone? Samsung is the biggest Android phone seller in America and one of the biggest in the world. But let’s ignore that one? OK.
    Your entire post is FUD. Samsung doesn't slap bixby on top of everything in any actual way. I swear you talk out of your ass or something. Android is more difficult if you only understand developing for iOS as they use different languages for development and the like. If you were primarily developing on android and learned on it it isn't nearly as bad as you think. Bixby while on a samsung device isn't ingrained into everything and doesn't prevent you from accessing any of googles services well at all. You are likely talking to developers that lean toward apple and learned to develop apps on that and are having trouble. Amazon is a big fork of android and that's by amazon's CHOICE.

    If you develop an android TV product it'll work well with FireTV from a UI perspective and the fireOS stuff is mostly built around media consumption. If your app works on android in general it will likely work on a fireTV device which sadly is running older versions of android at this point. And the so called "balkanization" is laughable at best. While android versions are fragmented (it's gotten better since project treble) the idea that development is hard because of the fragmentation is what is very laughable as you just target it at this point. Unless you are using something that is very specific to the core of android and isn't just services on top at this point you are basing your idea off of very dated information as a lot of this stuff was moved to just update on its own instead of with the core of android itself. 
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