Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version



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    tmay said:
    Wow, an amazing level of Chinese apologetics/astroturfing going on here today.

    I know it's fun to point to Trump as the source of all U.S./China trade conflicts, but the pure fact of the matter is Chinese business has been a dishonest player for decades, publicly stated by U.S. presidents from both parties, the governments of other Western nations, and by economists across the globe. If you reject this indisputable fact, you're either incredibly naive/uninformed or are paid by the Chinese government to spread their propaganda.

    The message to China is incredibly simple: play in the free and open market by following the basic rules and principles and everyone will benefit.

    That their PR flunky tried to deny the store was an EXACT CLONE of an Apple store says it all. these people are intellectually honest. theyre dishonest.
    Actually, I liked the video of the PR Handler removing the recording devices from under the table.

    Then of course, there is the ersatz architecture mimicking towns in Europe.

    "Europeans pushed back, too. During one closed-door session, senior representatives from European telecom operators pressed a U.S. official for hard evidence that Huawei presented a security risk. One executive demanded to see a smoking gun, recalled the U.S. official. 

    The American official fired back: “If the gun is smoking, you’ve already been shot. I don’t know why you’re lining up in front of a loaded weapon.”

    Yeah, it's a national security issue first and foremost, but it likely wouldn't have be a concern had the Chinese Government and CCP not been so imbedded within Huawei.

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