Who are Alan Dye and Evans Hankey, the design leads replacing Jony Ive?



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    I know it's risky for Apple to lose a guy like Ive; but I definitely see a silver lining here. Apple designs have trended toward the beautiful over the useful, choosing design logic over human logic. How else do you explain how you had to recharge the iPad pencil, or sacrificing battery life in order to make iPhones thinner and thinner? Or an iOS interface with a font so spare It was difficult to see. Apple products may wind up in museums of modern art, but they shouldn't be designed for that end. They should be designed to be used. 

    If the designers stepping into the void put more value in practicality over aesthetics, we might get some new design energy leading to products ordinary people want to use, not just art school grads.
    iPhones are thin for ease of handling, add a case and it is not thin. A lot of people still continue to use SE form factor iPhones and request a new SE very vocally. More battery cannot be preferred to ease of handling. If you run out of battery you just plug it in. But if you drop it, your more battery won’t save it. That is the human logic.
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