Apple updates 13-inch MacBook Pro, adding Touch Bar to entire range



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    avon b7 said:
    Also only 8GB RAM standard. 240€ to bump it to 16GB. That is supremely disappointing.

    No one here believes you were going to buy one anyway. 
    Well I was itching for the 2016 MBP refresh but was forced to stay well away as Apple produced the anti-Mac.

    Glued together, over priced, lacking expandability, dodgy keyboard but thin!

    I have two stalwart laptops to keep me going until Apple gets things right again!

    But, what on earth does your comment have to do with the paltry stock RAM offering?

    Suuuure you were. Hey why not post some links to that chinese knockoff you’ve been talking about for years? Looks just like an MBP and has a similar name. 
    Yes. Suure I was and when the 'anti Mac' was released in late 2016 I made my opinion very clear.

    You must remember because you were right there to tell me I was wrong (only later to be proved wrong yourself - that was ironic) and that these machines were right for the time.

    Since then we've seen battery issues, three generations of keyboards to try and improve on the woefully poor design and while the MacBook eventually got nixed, the Air saw a refresh (even when so many said is was on borrowed time in late 2016) and then a revamp.

    We saw the iMac get a revamp with those pesky 'legacy' ports (which so many also said were dead).

    We've seen how difficult it is to repair these things and all the complications involved in having the keyboard inseperably attached to the top case and the battery.

    I said I wouldn't touch one of these with a barge pole and I haven't.

    Yes, as a result I am seriously considering a MateBook X Pro for the future but I am doing fine with my current laptops so there are no pressing decisions to be made.

    Now, a few years later, look at how many people here agree with me to some degree. I hope Apple is listening.
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