Apple launches Shot on iPhone Night Mode photo competition

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Starting on Wednesday, Apple is launching an all-new Night Mode photo challenge for owners of the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Disney World's train station shot in the day and night by AppleInsider
Disney World's train station shot in the day and night by AppleInsider on an iPhone 11 Pro

From Wednesday to January 29, Apple is accepting submissions for "the most the most stunning Night mode shots from users around the world." A panel of judges will evaluate submissions, with the five winning photos revealed on March 4.

The winning photos will be celebrated in a gallery on Apple Newsroom, and Apple Instagram. They may also appear in digital campaigns, at Apple Stores, on billboards, or in a third-party photo exhibition.

Apple will scoop up the pictures shared on Instagram and Twitter using using the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #NightmodeChallenge. Weibo users can participate using #ShotoniPhone# and #NightmodeChallenge#. Captions must note which model was used to capture the image.

Example image from Apple for the Night Mode photo contest
Example image from Apple for the Night Mode photo contest

Alternatively, users can submit photos directly to Apple in an email. Specific titling of the image is required, and Apple has information on this in a post about the contest.

Apple believes strongly that artists should be compensated for their work and will pay a licensing fee to the five winning photographers for use of such photos on Apple marketing channels. Submitters retain the rights to submitted photographs, but submitters also grant Apple a royalty-free, worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive license for one year to use, modify, publish, display, distribute, create derivative works from and reproduce the photo.

Apple has provided tips for using the Night mode feature.
  • Night mode automatically comes on in low-light environments. If the yellow Night mode icon is showing, you're shooting with Night mode.

  • Night mode determines capture time based on the scene, and displays this time in the Night mode icon.

  • You can tap on the Night mode icon and adjust the slider to Max to extend the capture time.

  • Try propping up your iPhone or using a tripod for a longer capture time at the darkest time of night.
The judges are Malin Fezehai, Tyler Mitchell, Sarah Lee, Alexvi Li, Darren Soh, Phil Schiller, Kaiann Drance, Brooks Kraft, Jon McCormack, and Arem Duplessis.


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    So far I’m very satisfied with Night Mode on my 11 Pro. I haven’t/don’t take photos that are worthy of submission to a contest but I like that Apple is showcasing photos by users. 

    Edit: Slight correction to my own post. Years ago, I think in the early 2000s, Apple had a photo contest that I submitted a photo or group of photos to. I placed in a certain category and my photo(s) were displayed on for a couple of months. I believe this was back in the iTools days. I don’t remember what the point of the contest was or what category I placed in. I do remember there was no remuneration, the reward was having the photos on their website.
    edited January 2020 watto_cobra
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    I shot a number of images during the annual Newport Harbor (California) boat parade last month with my iPhone 11 Pro.  Due to variations in light intensity from the lit boats, Night Mode turned on selectively for the images I shot throughout the evening.  How can you tell from the image meta data if Night Mode was turned on?  The only items that seem to change between a known Night Mode image and a known regular image are the Metering Mode ("metering mode, pattern" for Night Mode image, "metering mode, spot" for regular image), and shutter speed.  There are a few shots from this event that I would consider submitting for the competition, but I want to make sure they are genuinely Night Mode images.

    I have been extremely happy with the performance of the iPhone 11 Pro camera/lenses.
    robin huberwatto_cobra
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