Apple TV+ teaser for Spike Jonze's 'Beastie Boys Story' released

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Apple has teased the upcoming release of the Spike Jonze-directed live documentary "Beastie Boys Story" for Apple TV+, with the short clip giving a brief glimpse of the group at various stages of their career and 40-year friendship.

Beastie Boys in 2009 | Image Credit: Maddy Julien
Beastie Boys in 2009 | Image Credit: Maddy Julien

Airing on April 24, the "Beastie Boys Story" will feature members Mike Diamond and Adam Horovitz sharing the story behind the band, as well as its musical career. Directed by friend, collaborator, and former grandfather Spike Jonze, the film is an adaptation of the best-selling "Beastie Boys Book," created by band members Diamond and Horovitz.

The clip features video from the group's various media appearances, both in interviews and on stage, as well as footage from their music videos, which is where the "live" element of the 'live documentary' description comes into play. Director Jonze was behind the creation of many music videos in the '90s, including the Beastie Boys' hit "Sabotage."

An Apple TV exclusive announced in January, the film will first have a limited IMAX release on April 3, before arriving on the streaming service.

The film is produced for Apple by Fresh Bread and Pulse Films, in association with Polygram Entertainment. Executive producers are Mike Diamond, Adam Horovitz, Dechen Wangdu-Yauch, John Silva, John Cutcliffe, Peter Smith, Thomas Benski, Dan Bowen, Sam Bridger, Michele Anthony, David Blackman and Ashley Newton.


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    I'd watch that
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    wlymwlym Posts: 102member
    I'd fight for the right to watch that.
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    JinTechJinTech Posts: 992member
    This looks excellent. I was just thinking about how much I miss their talent.
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,031member
    Beastie boys are entertaining and all, but you have to ask the question: Would you be paying $4.99 a month for what’s in Apple TV+ now, or what has been recently announced will be in the future sometime?
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    I happened to listen to Paul's Boutique by way of The Dust Brothers (looking for something after their Fight Club soundtrack) and I was just amazed how they came up with an album with pretty much only samples!
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