Apple working on folding iPhone display with more robust bend radius



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    lkrupp said:
    no, no, nO, nO, NO, NO! This is the entire industry grasping at straws in an attempt to come up with something new now that the smartphone has matured into a standardized form. EVERYTHING that bends eventually breaks. It’s written into Einstein’s field equations for General Relativity. 

    It’s probably not an iPhone. People are just too closed-minded to see what Apple can invent. Just like how everyone thought you’d have to strap an iPhone to your face for Apple VR. 
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    I don't think this is needed but fact is, if enough people want one and if the folding screen can be made durable enough to last, then Apple ought to give them what they want. They have a duty to do so, actually.
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    mattinoz said:
    Instead of trying to make a folding phone they should just make one that rolls up but can be used rolled up like a banana.
    It could roll screen in or screen out to suit how you want to use it
    I'm sure they're working on that, and that's actually a game changer that would be huge.

    But... we might see Apple Glasses first, which could be the next step beyond smartphones. Any true Apple fan knows they are busy working on how to disrupt their own killer product before a competitor does.

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