iCloud.com update adds native mobile browser support for Android and iOS

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The iCloud.com website now works natively on mobile browsers for both iOS and Android, giving users access to some of iCloud's most popular features to Android devices such as Find iPhone via a mobile-friendly interface.

iCloud.com offers native support for Android and iOS mobile web browsers

The feature launched without fanfare from Apple, but is certainly worth celebrating. Those accessing iCloud from their mobile browsers can now use Photos, Notes, Reminders, and Find iPhone via a browser without having to switch to "desktop site."

As a nascent feature, there may still be a few bugs to be worked out. It is likely that the bugs will be ironed out as Apple receives feedback from users. Apple may also roll out extended iCloud services, such as Contacts and Calendar in the future.

Newslanded mentions that Notes does have a few hangups on Android, and were not able to fully create new notes from the mobile Chrome browser. AppleInsider has found that in order to see Reminders on browser-based iCloud, you must make a reminder list on iOS or iPadOS first.

Other features, such as Find iPhone, are currently working as intended.

Users are also able to access account settings, which allows them to view how much iCloud storage they have left and offers external links for Apple ID, Language, and Formats.

The update is likely to be welcomed by users who occasionally need to use iCloud.com's device location functionality to relocate their iPhone, but only have access to Android devices nearby. By making it function via a mobile browser interface instead of requiring a desktop-based version, it makes the process of finding the misplaced devices far quicker and easier.


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    MplsPMplsP Posts: 3,716member
    Cool! it wasn't often, but periodically I need to access my iCloud account from an iOS device. Prior to this you just got prompted to set up iCloud on the device which wasn't very helpful. If Apple wants to keep promoting iPads as 'real' computers they need to continue moves like this to allow more feature parity.
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    linkmanlinkman Posts: 1,029member
    Long overdue. It was probably embarrassing in Apple stores for the employee to direct people to use one of their Macs to access it because it wouldn't work/was tough to work using the iOS browser.
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    Unless I’m mistaken hasn’t feature been out for a while on Pad? Possibly this is a new feature for the phone? Nevertheless it’s a nice upgrade to iCloud.com.
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    And it only took about 9 years.
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    cornchipcornchip Posts: 1,921member
    not sure why it took so long, but here it is!
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    dysamoriadysamoria Posts: 3,430member
    When are they going to let Windows users with an Apple ID have access to iMessage on their computers?

    My one companion hates typing on her iPhone (and I fully appreciate why), and would rather type on a keyboard. I don’t want to use Facebook messenger or GChat (which she uses with her work partner), and she needs to use Windows for work, so she won’t be moving to a Mac/Mac OS. I suspect she’d be fine with a web interface for iMessage on iCloud.com that let her type on a proper keyboard.

    Apple has shown no sign of doing this, have they? When they announced iMessage in the cloud, I thought that would be what it was. Instead it’s basically just a sync feature.
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    dysamoriadysamoria Posts: 3,430member
    linkman said:
    Long overdue. It was probably embarrassing in Apple stores for the employee to direct people to use one of their Macs to access it because it wouldn't work/was tough to work using the iOS browser.
    I’ve felt the same about a lot Apple do. They seem to be weirdly obsessive about iPhone-ifying some things and utterly ignoring others. Mobile Safari, for example, is SHIT with text edit fields. Apparently no one inside Apple uses forums or comment fields on websites...
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