How to turn your Mac startup chime back on



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    dinkydogs said:
    I just turned the chime back on on my 16" macbook pro and noticed that it's a deeper more bassy sound and not the normal chime sound on my older macs. Anyone else notice this?
    Each generation (and even models) of Macs have different sounds, though most often very similar. As one post pointed out, you can download MacTracker which has stored all the Mac startup sounds for each model. You can probably find it elsewhere too. I once saw a YouTube video will many different Mac startup sounds.

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    aholkaaholka Posts: 1member
    I tried this command on my 2019 MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar and I'm super happy to say that it works! I've been trying to get the startup sound back since they removed it a few years ago. Thank you so much!
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