Apple launches $350 iPad keyboard amid pandemic-fueled recession



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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,288member
    It looks like a cool keyboard. But I still don't need one. Yes, it's really way to expensive no matter if there was a virus or not. When you can buy another ipad for the price of this Keyboard, it's a little to expensive. I wouldn't buy it for sure. I had this fold in half Bluetooth Keyboard which worked. I'm going to have to find it again. My iPad Pro is in a pretty heavy duty case with a built in screen protector and it has a kickstand that works ether direction. It's been inside that since the day I pulled it out of the Box. So if I really needed a physical keyboard, I'd just use that, that I already have.

    The 3rd party options with a mouse pad should be interesting and a lot cheaper.
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    razorpitrazorpit Posts: 1,796member
    Yes the price is expensive. I think the bigger concern is how long is the form factor going to last? With how much Apple loves to change things I hope this makes it through a few generations before they decide to move the Smart Connector location again.
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    fastasleepfastasleep Posts: 6,376member
    dysamoria said:
    It sure won’t be this new one because it’s not compatible with the original iPad Pro. Shocker. 

    But also... that price. No way can I justify that. I’m still waiting for Apple to sell a non-thermally-throttled desktop computer that hobbyists and other non-plutocrats can afford. A 350$ keyboard with a new iPad Pro isn’t even pinging the needle on my “should I buy?” meter.
    Once again, complaining about something you have no intention of buying. Shocker! Of course it's not compatible; they're entirely different form factors. They're compatible with the previous generation as they're the same form factors with the same smart connector location, etc. 
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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,288member
    iPad is more relevant than ever today when most people have started to work from home.
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    torstitorsti Posts: 12member
    Oh no. Some people making money out of "reacting things" are reacting to make more money. What a surprise. And by the way, "pandemic-fueled recession" is a really really cheap shot. Everything for the clicks, i guess.
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    chasmchasm Posts: 3,063member
    DAalseth said:
    First: I don’t know where you all are getting this $350 price, I’ve even seen some people claiming $399. I just went to appledotcom and checked and it is listed at $299. Still steep, but lets stick to facts here. 

    FTA: the $350 price is the US cost for the 12.9" iPad Pro version. You might have missed that, but it was in the first paragraph of the article.

    I'm not one of the whiners, but I will be interested to see how Apple justifies charging that much for it. Bearing in mind that it is intended to replicate both the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad, I can see the company's thinking on the price, but it will have to be very impressive indeed to sell well at full retail IMHO. I'd look for that price to be reduced by $50 once the holiday season rolls around.
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    No AppleInsider, full mouse and trackpad support does not ‘turn the iPad into a laptop’.
    It’s not really “full” mouse and trackpad support, it’s heuristic cursor support. It’s kind of analogous to the way tvOS can only select ui elements and how some smart TVs have s remote with accelerometers that have a completely free-moving cursor.
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    First of all, whenever I read articles like this it amazes me that no one suggests the extremely cheap options that have been available all along.  Why do they only suggest a $200 alternative to a $350 keyboard?  What about the insane amount of five dollar and $10 Bluetooth keyboards and mice... Like there are so many.  I bought a five dollar Bluetooth keyboard and a five dollar Bluetooth mouse from eBay and both work beautifully on my 12.9 second generation iPad Pro with gestures.  Cost me a whopping $10.  If I really want a smart keyboard I could buy a used one on eBay for $40-$60.  Yes it won’t be as luxurious, but it’s $10 total versus $350.  The only options that most of these articles suggest are either Apple branded or the next most expensive brand.  P.S. a 12.9 1st gen iPad Pro Apple pen silicone back cover will cost $20 on eBay.  It fits the second gen iPad Pro (minus the flash)
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