Apple releases 'major' update to Logic Pro X



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    sphericspheric Posts: 2,168member
    Okay, so SpamSandwich is just stuck in a misunderstanding and thinks “DJ” still means what it did in the 1970s. 

    We can safely ignore his opinion. 

    All the more since that was just a desperate sidetrack to distract from the discussion of Live Loops. 
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    civaciva Posts: 78member
    civa said:
    civa said:
    spheric said:

    civa said:
    kamilton said:
    Apple tries to fill the space between top shelf DAWs and Garage Band.  If you are actually playing instruments and recording tracks, Logic is adequate.  However, most of the resources and hardware demands have almost nothing to do with recording music musicians actually play.  Personally, I think that’s the wrong space to address.  It’s sizzle instead of value.  I have 3 albums on iTunes.  I record with Logic.  I play and record gifted musicians.  I don’t make beats from samples and yell over them.  IMO Apple should focus Logic on ease of use and industry standard sound quality.  We need to reproduce the sonic quality captured at EMI, Capital, Gold Star, Record Plant, Criterium, et al.  That would be worthy of the Apple ethos.  Come on now... sling that criticism!  
    I apprehend the point you were making until you said “I don’t make beats and yell over them” ..... You may not make beats but you are needlessly judgmental and condescending. In my experience musicians that have to crap on other peoples art are just compensating.  What you are missing is that what you want really isn’t where music is currently trending. Apple could focus on niche things like you want but that is a bit of a dead end. Instead they are focusing on enabling the creation of music that musicians are making and people want to hear.  As a guitar player I’m pretty happy with Logic and Main Stage and I accept that a huge chunk of Logic will never be geared to me but for the price it’s kinda hard to complain. Seven years of updates is pretty rad.
    DJs are basically editors and technicians. The product they make is called music, but they largely steal/borrow from the hard work of others before them. I know how their shtick works. It’s the business of thieves.
    it’s not fault but your own, that you don’t understand how electronic music is MADE. 

    All of the new features Apple provided, including live loops, extends to the PRODUCTION of electronic music. 

    As was said before, Apple has no incentive to cater to just you, and all the incentive to move toward where the industry is going. 

    I know you’ve been avoiding me, since I first pointed this out, however avoidance doesn’t make you right, and it never will. 
    I do know how electronic music is made. Musicians make it. DJs dont make music. They leverage and are dependent on the hard work of others.
    So… we're talking about Live Loops. 

    That's…not electronic music, because…? 

    and it's actually disk jockeying in what way…? 

    Also, you may want to meet some actual turntablists and DJ artists — especially those "DJ"s who produce their own music. They may have a revelation in store for you. 
    Thank you. 
    Your last line is the point I had been alluding toward, but didn’t want to come right out and say it, because I wanted to see how “knowledgeable” this guy really was. 

    The consensus is: not very. 
    I get it. You’re a DJ. That’s still not producing music. That’s playing and editing music.
    I produce, actually, as a hobby. 
    You clearly do nothing but attempt to troll things you don’t understand, and you’re not even adept at that. 
    Good for you. You’re already more accomplished than a DJ.
    And absolutely more accomplished than you, clearly 
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    There’s nothing “professional” about the Live Loops function. It might be adequate for creating a scratch track, but it’s more a tool for amateurs and DJs.
    There are people who are professional DJs. 
    Disc spinning and sample cueing isn’t making music.
    Yay... we have found Grandpa Simpson. 

    To the contrary, DJs aren’t musicians. They’re technicians.
    Not always true. Professional DJs are record producers themselves and they live mix their own tracks as well for a DJ set. Example
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,840member
    Does anyone use Logic Pro X for podcast editing?

    I just ask because I'd *LOVE* to get back into music production aspects of it (if I ever find the time and re-purchase some other gear), but it is kind of spendy *just* for that purpose. But, if it is good enough for that (in comparison to other editors), it might be nice to have for both/and.
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