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    I don't think it's a bad idea at all. For the desktop I don't care if you've got one really fast/hot/hungry chip in there or a dozen really slow cool ones, so long as the end result is the same: click, done -- or as close to that as is technically possible at the moment. I don't see what's inside the computer, I only care about it when it starts to move me away from that ideal. When I have to wait, I'm annoyed.

    But I do think meader is full of it and that he basically got the idea of an explanation something like mine that he read on a board somewhere.

    Supply problems might creep into using 4 CPU's, but PPC is really the only consumer level chip that has heat and energy characteristics to make it possible.

    Th only real problem with this is that the price would probably be even further on the wrong side of too high. When you look at te prices of Pro macs you realize that th performance of the dual Ghz machine ought to be available at the entry level PM price point. All the PMs should really be about twice as fast as they currently are, but such a machine (knowing Apple) would likely slot in even higher than their current top end. Bad, very bad, for it still leaves desktop buyers wanting.
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    MOSR has been predicting that Quad G4s are just around the corner since just before Apple shipped the first dual-G4 model. This represents the definition of the term "rumor" that is more accurately described as "Meader's wishful thinking." Other examples would include the persistent Apple Set Top Box, the <a href=""; target="_blank">Two-Button Mouse</a>, countless abortive Mac OS features sure to be delivered in the next "." release, and the iBook (<a href=""; target="_blank">WIND-UP POWER</a>, for God's sake).

    MOSR also has a history of reporting on actual products in development, specifications of which Meader tends to understate, based on what he actually believes to be possible. Examples of which include the <a href=""; target="_blank">Cinema Display</a> (18" widescreen, according to MOSR), the <a href=""; target="_blank">Sawtooth</a> PowerMac (with G3 models on the low end, but up to 950MHZ G4 on the high end), and the Cube (12-inches square, and stackable).

    Sadly, while the site used to offer an occasional hint at what was to come, Meader's sources clearly dried up years ago. I used to really like that site, too. But less frequent posts, and more anti-Apple-establisment rants have pretty much turned me off of MOSR. Even without inside information, the consensus opinion on boards like this tend to be more accurate than his rambling.

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    i use to try to respect MOSR but this new news is absurd- it was almost all restatements of what has already been said elsewhere or things they have said.

    The timelines he is using for the iBook and PowerBook are going all the way into 2003.... the iBook statement is a news article maccentral ran a few months ago. To say the PB is getting the super drive is no-brainer news- they just need to work out battery life issues.....
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