How to watch Apple's September 15 'Time Flies' event

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Apple's September event will be streamed and available to watch live across most Apple devices, as well as online -- although there are some changes this time.

Apple's September 15 event will be live-streamed
Apple's September 15 event will be live-streamed

You can't watch Apple's September 15 even on your Apple Watch, and you can't listen to it on your HomePod, AirPods, or AirPods Pro. Other than that, though, every Apple device is able to show you the launch live. There does just seem to be a different emphasis from Apple now, a preference for where the company wants you to watch.

For the first time since Apple has live-streamed events itself, the September 15 one will require you to be on the US site. International users are being directed to switch to that to watch instead of seeing it on their local Apple site.

Watch on YouTube

Apple is using YouTube's feature of marking a forthcoming streaming video as a premiere, meaning that there is already a placeholder there with a countdown to the event. There's nothing to watch yet, but you can set a reminder.

YouTube may be the most convenient way to watch as it's available to all, without any issues over international viewing. Plus you have the option of watching via the iOS YouTube app -- or on the app for Apple TV.

Watch on Apple TV

Currently the least convenient way to watch is via Apple TV. Where previously there was a dedicated Apple TV app for Apple Events, now you're expected to use the regular Apple TV app for everything.

That's fine, but good luck finding the September 15 event. If you still have the old Apple Events app installed, launch that and you'll see an explanation about where the coverage has moved to. Click on Open Apple TV app and you'll be taken to the right section, ready to watch.

The section does not yet list the September 15 event, and the problem is that nowhere does. You can scour every corner of Apple TV and you will not find it -- until Apple chooses to promote the event there.

You can search for "Apple events," but curiously if you do that, you don't get the Apple Events section. Instead, you're currently shown the last two events as search results -- and they're listed as being movies.

Watch in a browser

It's a shame that there isn't a web browser on Apple TV. However, there is just about everywhere else, so you can go directly to Apple's site and watch there.

During the event, it's likely that you'll be able to watch it streamed directly on the front page. For a time afterwards, it will probably be available there, but you may have to scroll down more as Apple hands over the top spot to its latest launches.

You can instead, though, just go straight to where it will be available from the launch until some months from now. That's the official Apple Events page online.

Or rather, there is if you're on the US site. Currently that events page is still showing the WWDC 2020 keynote if you're viewing from any other country.

"Learn more" does not tell international audiences why they have to watch on the US site, it just takes them there.

It's probable that Apple's decision to limit the streaming to its US-facing site is as a result of some lessons learned over the WWDC coverage. In which case, the replay might be made available on all Apple sites afterwards.

Keep track of what's announced

AppleInsider already has a guide to the event, which is being continually updated. From the 10am PT, 1pm ET start of the event, though, AppleInsider will also have indepth coverage of all that's happening.

Keep up with AppleInsider by downloading the AppleInsider app for iOS, and follow us on YouTube, Twitter @appleinsider and Facebook for live, late-breaking coverage. You can also check out our official Instagram account for exclusive photos.


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    Also, the TV APP is useless if you live in a country that does not support it such as Romania. Here the TV app is empty since there is no TV+ service available. The same happened during WWDC but then everything was ok since we had the WWDC app.
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    Twit.TV has it with commentary on the event!  It sort of like announcers that talk over the presentation, sound is kept low too, so the Twit commentators have all the focus!
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    The point about Apple TV not being in a web browser is very poignant.  Apple's success in the last 2 decades has primarily come from the willingness to sell to non-Mac users.  Remember when iPods were Mac only.  The launch of the iPod Mini with the first windows iTunes version changed the trajectory of Apple.
    So should Apple start thinking of Apple TV as being only for Apple devices?  Why not have the ability to access content on a web browser like ever other service offers.  Is Apple TV just a promotion device for Apple devices or is it supposed to compete head to head with other content providers.

    As for the Apple Event - I will watch it tonight and probably will get slightly annoyed if it takes time to find out how to watch it.  The Apple Events app on the Apple TV was useful for the 2-3 times a year I would use it.  Often I would just go to the Apple website if I wanted to watch on my Mac. 
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    Just open the Apple TV app on your Mac and scroll down a little. It's already right there. Easiest way for Mac users.
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    saldog said:
    Just open the Apple TV app on your Mac and scroll down a little. It's already right there. Easiest way for Mac users.
    This is also exactly how to find it on an AppleTV as well.

    It's kind of surprising that an Apple-focused site wouldn't assume when they don't find it there on their first try that it'll likely turn up soon, instead of writing "Currently the least convenient way to watch is via Apple TV..." The show ain't on until tomorrow. Probably worth being patient and cooling one's heels before assuming that it's inexplicably going to remain hard-to-find on ATV.
    edited September 2020
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