Second season of Apple TV+ series 'Mythic Quest' could be dubbed 'Titan's Rift'

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The second season of Apple TV+ series "Mythic Quest" may be dubbed "Titan's Rift," according to a trade publication covering the film and TV industry.

Credit: Apple TV+
Credit: Apple TV+

Apple ordered a second season of the sitcom, which focuses on a video game studio, before the first even launched on the streaming platform.

In the Thursday, Nov. 19 issue of Production Weekly, a magazine that logs shows and movies currently in development, there is a listing for "Mythic Quest: Titan's Rift." That could simply be a working title, however, though it may end up being the official moniker.

The title of the show's first season, "Raven's Banquet," refers to an expansion to the eponymous "Mythic Quest" game at the center of the series. Because of that, it's likely that "Titan's Rift" will also refer to a similar plot element.

There isn't currently a release date set for the second season of "Mythic Quest," though the series as just entered production recently. That could suggest a debut sometime in 2021.


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    ciacia Posts: 158member
    Ted Lasso was by far my favorite show on AppleTV+, but Mythic Quest was a close second.  I will acknowledge MQ has limited reach though.  Ted Lasso appealed to a very broad audience. 
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    The special covid episode was excellent.
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    i love this show. can’t wait for the second installment. 
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    Love that young woman Charlotte Nicdao who plays Poppy in charge of programming. She’s Australian. Brilliant 29 year old. Also Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham, 81, still going strong. Great cast all around. Great creative team. Veterans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Very Very Funny. 
    edited November 2020 watto_cobra
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    Finally some news about this! I loved the show and the lockdown episode was one of the best things I have ever seen on TV. 
    I'm really looking forward to this.
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    I almost missed this one because of the title. Once I realized it was created by the ASIP team, I binge watched it. 
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