$3,000 Apple mixed-reality visor could debut in 2022 with premium features



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    Stupid title. Since there's no real market for devices like that yet, pretty much any feature can be called premium. 
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    macbear01 said:
    Can the average person pay $3,000 for a headset like this? Can an above-average earner even afford this? This needs to be completely disposable income (I’m sure this will be somewhat controversial and there will be many different views on how income would be determined to be disposable). Most people that will buy this should probably be putting that money in a retirement or savings account and planning for their future. The people that can afford this without any considerations, probably have all the money they need. I mean, I could afford these if they came out right now, but I don’t think I could justify it. Maybe those are just my demons. 

    It costs as much as one of their higher-end laptops. I’m already having issues with the high cost of their iPhones even though I can afford one for myself and my partner every year at the current cost. It just seems like a whole lot. 
    What it is worth depends on what it can do that you would value. What will this do for me that would make it worthwhile is my question?
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