The frontrunners for next Apple CEO: Speculating on Tim Cook's successor



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    imat said:
    Almost all of the proposed names will be too old in 5-10 years to guarantee some sort of continuity. Becoming CEO at 60 for a company like Apple is not a great proposal, because he/she will only be in charge for a limited time. The next CEO should be in an age group that allow him/her to potentially stay at the helm for at least 15 years and none of the names, except maybe one, fit said description.

    Furthermore it might also be possible that the next CEO will not have been around under Jobs himself, as the company vastly expanded and the years pass by. This is not a bad thing.

    But the next CEO will have to be an Apple veteran because the culture of the company has to be a substantial part of his/her mindset and, I suppose, only with years of experience in Apple a person really "gets what Apple is about". Challenges abound, opportunities as well. I imagine a young-ish CEO, that gets the role at about 45-50 years of age, would be ideal. Of course to become a CEO of one of the most valuable companies in the world in a dynamic market such as the one Apple is in you'd have to tick a lot of boxes and be an especially smart and dedicated person, with some almost "ascetic" like qualities. But I think Apple can find such a person.
    whoever it is won’t be someone with kids still in school.   I’m sure the job demands an incredible amount of time.
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